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More Community Involvement – Sponsoring A Local Sports Team

A great way to get involved in your community is by sponsoring local recreational sports teams. Don’t think of the minor or major league ball team with this one; think more along the lines of “beer league”.


The reason that sponsoring a team is a great opportunity for you is two fold. (1) It’s a good way to expose your brand to a few hundred people that are highly targeted – local and active! (2) Throughout the course of the season, several players are going to injure themselves. And with your sponsorship, you will be the first to come to mind when the player is thinking of pain relief.


A sponsorship can usually work in a couple ways. Option one is to have your name printed on the team’s jersey and in exchange you would offer the team a discount on treatments. A second strategy, that I am particularly fond of, is providing the team with some cash upfront (that they can use for equipment, jerseys, etc.). Usually this is around $200. In exchange for the sponsorship, you will ask the team to hand out a promotional offer to each of the teams they are playing. Picture a package of simple business cards or gift certificates for each team, specifically mentioning the promotion you are offering to players in that league and specifically mentioning that you can treat their injuries.


A sports team usually has 15 players on it and plays about 15 games per season. That means that your promotion is directly advertised to over 200 people in your community and several hundred more indirectly. And this is not just any 200 people, it’s 200 people that are very likely to be in need of and benefit from your touch.