ClinicSense Community Idea: Pay It Forward Promotion

This idea comes from Madison in New York.

"Getting into the second week of my shutdown and I think I'm starting to move past some of the fear and it's being replaced by motivation. I've been reaching out to my clients to check in on them as was suggested, but I wasn't feeling confident about selling gift certificates, at least at first. Then I sat down one day and opened a 40% off email from the Gap. And then it hit me... people are still buying, I mean, I just bought something! For many of my clients it's still business as usual (although they are likely working from home), and it looks like the government is going to come through in a big way to help us out. So, I started by sending out an email with a 25% off offer.

So far it's worked out well for me. I have sold 23 as of this morning (so almost 5 days). But then I started thinking about how I can help others. Specifically, some of my favorite local businesses that are also shut down. And that's when I came up with my pay-it-forward promotion idea that is all about supporting the local economy. I haven't started yet because I haven't finished the full 7-days of the first promotion, but here's what I'll be doing: for every gift certificate that I sell on Saturday and Sunday of next weekend, I am personally going to buy a gift certificate to another local business of the exact same amount. So if someone buys a $50 gift certificate for my business, I'm going to support one of my favorite restaurants by buying a $50 gift certificate from them!

I have some hope that the idea will go viral in my community and we can all support each other. I know I'll be going to my favorite restaurants, hair salons, and MY massage therapist, so the gift certificates I buy will be used and I get to support people like me."