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ClinicSense Community Idea: Lunch & Learn

There has never been a better opportunity than now for massage therapists to get involved with employers via a lunch and learn session. What is a lunch and learn? It's when an employer brings in an educator for their employees who simultaneously eat their lunch and listen to a training or seminar. It's a way that employers provide extra value to their employees to keep them happy and motivated.


So what's the opportunity for massage therapists? Well, with a HUGE increase in the number of people working from home, many employers will be looking for new ways to support their employees. These employees are now facing new challenges: staying in good physical and mental shape when being confined to their homes. Massage therapists would make excellent lunch-and-learn trainers right now; stepping in to recommend self-care exercises that employees can make part of their daily routine. Employers understand that a small investment in your seminar could pay-off for them in spades if it means a healthier and happier work force.


To get started, put together 30-60 minutes of training and contact businesses that are likely working from home. The great thing is, the businesses don't even have to be local because your session will be done virtually.