Melissa Hampson

Relax & Recharge Massage Therapy

Melissa Hampson runs her own massage therapy business, Relax & Recharge Registered Massage Therapy in Welland, Ontario, Canada. She started in 2005 and offers treatments from her own home in order to have the flexibility to spendtime with her family. Over the past 15 years, she has built up a strong practice with a loyal clientele.

Too much paperwork, too little time

Before signing up for ClinicSense in 2014, Melissa did all the administrative work related to her business on paper. She kept paper planners where she listed patient information and appointment dates.

“I am quite organized, but it was really challenging to keep up with all the paperwork.”

Melissa used to call patients the night before the appointment to remind them about their upcoming treatment. This was taking a lot of her time and was stressful. Occasionally she would forget or be too busy to call, and as a result, some patients would arrive late or miss the appointment altogether.

Doing the paperwork and calling patients was taxing for Melissa and was taking the precious time she could have spent with her family or on other things she enjoyed outside of work. She desperately wanted to reclaim this time.

Can I afford a receptionist?

Melissa does not have employees and could not afford a receptionist. She even considered paying one of her children to call patients. Then she came across ClinicSense at a massage therapy conference. “The price point was reasonable,” says Melissa, “so I decided to give it a try.”

“The price point was reasonable, so I decided to give it a try.”
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Melissa signed up for ClinicSense under its Grow plan. Her patients can now booktreatment appointments online and receive automatic email reminders. Says Melissa, “Probably 80% of my patients find that having online booking simplifies the process immensely. And for some, not having online scheduling is a deal-breaker when choosing a massage therapist”.

The plan also includes a whole host of administrative tools: SOAP notes, customizable intake forms, online gift certificate sales, email marketing tools, financial reports, and more.

More patients, less hassle

Since starting to use ClinicSense in 2014, Melissa hasn’t looked back. “It simplified my whole business!”, she says. “I now have more time for my family orother things going on in my life.”

Online booking and automatic reminders free up her time while ensuring that there are fewer late- or no-shows. Financial reports help Melissa keep a good overview of her business and prepare her taxes.

ClinicSense has also made note-taking much faster and easier. “I can just tap on an area of the body, select a few answers, and I’m done. I used to use a diagram on a piece of paper and had to hand-write everything”. Melissa has also seen a significant increase in business since she has started using ClinicSense, largely due to the ease of online booking. She saw a 50% increase in appointments booked in the second year of using the program, compared to the first full year.

And what about those stacks of paper planners she used to keep? Melissa doesn’t need them anymore. That’s a plus for the planet and for space in her home. She says,

“ClinicSense makes you very efficient. I don’t need a receptionist. As a sole proprietor, it keeps my practice simplified and puts my mind at ease”.

If you’re looking for the relief that comes with being more organized, we invite you to start a 14-day free trial of ClinicSense.