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Helping Everybody: Elizabeth’s Values Led To Her Success

Image of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Felix
Improving the quality of life, even for those who can’t afford it, is her mission

Elizabeth’s Autistic Daughter Was Her Inspiration

She was a struggling single mom when Elizabeth discovered homeopathy. Her daughter was autistic and nonverbal. Her doctors tried every treatment available to help her daughter communicate and deal with the world around her. Unfortunately, every time something changed, her daughter exploded. The last medication they tried made her violent. Eventually, the doctor said they were out of options.

That wasn’t acceptable. This wasn’t the life her daughter was destined to live. Elizabeth was determined to keep trying, even though she didn’t have much money. 

Elizabeth started learning about homeopathy. The remedies were ridiculously cheap in comparison to everything else they tried. It was worth a shot. 

She gave her daughter her first homeopathic remedy before bed one evening, expecting the usual explosion in the morning. The next morning, her daughter was fine. It was like a miracle. Whatever it was, it worked.

Homeopathy helped her daughter develop language skills. Eventually, she was able to speak full sentences. It opened many doors for her. As her daughter grew older, she was able to make her own homeopathic remedies.

Naturally, Elizabeth furthered her studies in homeopathy and started practicing professionally. She treated many people with much success. She found homeopathy to be psychologically beneficial, but it wasn’t very useful for chronic pain.

Helping people with chronic pain became Elizabeth’s passion, but she needed a different modality for better results. So, she delved into osteopathy. That’s when her business really took off. 

Part of her osteopathic training required Elizabeth to treat a number of people for free, to get hands-on experience. She treated several members of her church community during that time. The results were impressive, and word got around town about her abilities.

Now They Work Side-by-Side Helping Others

Even after her training was complete, Elizabeth continued treating people who couldn’t afford to pay. She treated the children of parents who were financially struggling. She helps senior citizens on fixed incomes maintain their independence. If she could help keep someone out of a nursing home, that was worth it.

Of course, Elizabeth has plenty of paying clients. Sometimes those clients even pay it forward to cover the cost of someone else’s care. 

It only took Elizabeth 6 months to build her practice up to the point of being booked out a month ahead. Impressive for a small farming town. She wanted to help the world but quickly learned to be mindful of her own limitations. She could only physically treat so many people. 

As an osteopath with 5 years of experience running a business, Elizabeth tells new graduates,
“Start at the pace you intend to continue.”

When the demand for her skills became too great, she brought on another osteopath - her daughter. Today, the two of them work out of Elizabeth’s home and treat about 70 people a week. Elizabeth also mentors new graduates in her clinic, to give them a chance to practice their new skills on real patients.

Currently, Elizabeth is in the process of planning to build a rehab center on her farm. This is how she’ll grow her practice outside of her home. She can also see herself teaching and specializing in pediatrics in a few years. For now, it’s just her and her daughter, helping as many people as they can.
Osteopathy Treatment

ClinicSense Eliminated the Paperwork She Was Drowning In

When Elizabeth started her business, she wrote everything down on paper. It wasn’t unusual for her to have 8 pages of notes for a single client.

“It was all paper-based, and it was awful.”

She would see patients till 9 pm, and then still have 2 hours of paperwork to do after that. It wasn’t sustainable. Elizabeth had neither the time nor energy for all that. 

Elizabeth wanted to work smarter, not harder. She needed a more efficient system than toting around boxes of papers. 

Plus, she really wanted a system that could send appointment reminders. Being a bit of a squirrel herself, Elizabeth understood when people forgot about their appointments, but it’s still lost revenue.

That led to Elizabeth looking for a software solution. She checked out a few different options and landed on ClinicSense. It ticked off all the boxes she was looking for, and it was affordable. Every penny matters on her tight budget. Elizabeth wasn’t going to spend more than necessary. She was saving up for lasers and ultrasound equipment. 

ClinicSense organizes everything for her. It’s easy to schedule appointments. She can make detailed SOAP Notes with just a few clicks, and it even does invoicing for her - which she always hated doing. Best of all, no more paper.

All-in-all, ClinicSense has helped Elizabeth streamline her entire operation. 
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