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Email and SMS Appointment Reminders for Clients

Keep your clients on track with timely reminders. They’ll appreciate the gesture and reminders will reduce the likelihood of a no-show.

ClinicSense appointment reminders are a simple strategy to make sure that clients don’t forget about their upcoming appointment.

And if you’re already calling or texting clients to remind them of their appointments, this is your chance to automate that process so you can go home earlier, put work aside, and focus on you and your friends and family.

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Automatically sent for you

Calling or texting clients the day before their appointment is tedious. ClinicSense will send your reminders for you so you win-back that time.

Online Booking Software Reminder and Confirmation Feature
Online Booking Software SMS and email appointment reminder

Clients can choose between email and SMS

ClinicSense empowers your clients to choose how they’d like to be reminded of their appointments - they can choose between an email reminder or a text message.

Reduce no-shows

Appointment reminders help keep clients on track with their treatment plans. You can even ask clients to verify their attendance by clicking a button in their reminder.

Online Booking Software Booking Notice
Online Booking Software SMS and email appointment reminder

White listed to send with all major carriers

Mobile carriers are constantly working on filtering out spam messages (especially those that are sent by software). To combat this, ClinicSense has gone through the process of being white-listed by all major mobile carriers in the United States and Canada for a near 100% delivery rate.

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