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Customizable Consent Forms

Completely customizable consent and waiver forms for health and wellness practitioners. Design your form and our automation will take care of sending them to clients.
Consent to treat form image
Whether you need consent to treat, consent for a minor, or consent to treat sensitive areas, we have you covered. You get to design your consent forms exactly as you like them and ClinicSense will automatically send them to clients based on the service they booked and if they are a new or returning client.
You can also build and customize intake forms and any other additional forms you require.

Customize your consent form...

Choose from 15 question types.
Most importantly for consent forms, add the requirement for a signature and/or initials.
Your clients will check off and confirm that they read your consent and then provide an electronic signature for the consent form.
consent form image from clinicsense
consent to treat sensitive area form example

Automate your consent forms...

Choose if each consent form is required for all of your services or only specific services.
Indicate how often consent needs to be updated.
When a client schedules an appointment, ClinicSense will detect if any consent forms need to be sent based on the service that was booked and if it’s a new or returning client.
For new clients, the relevant forms will be emailed.
For returning clients, ClinicSense will only send the form if the client hasn’t completed the consent form before of if they are due to update it.

Submitting a consent form...

Your client receives the forms via email.
They can open the form on their computer, tablet, or phone.
They fill out the form online, sign and submit it! Then it’s immediately available for you to view.
image of the consent forms for massage therapists
massage booking cover

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