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Customizable Consent Forms

Completely customizable consent and waiver forms for health and wellness practitioners. Design your form and our automation will take care of sending them to clients.

A proper consent form is the client’s opportunity to receive the information they need to make an informed decision about their care.

But one of the issues with consent forms is they are another piece of paper that you have to organize within a client file. And this form in particular is quite important to not lose as it may have legal consequences if you’re not able to produce it when requested. Here’s where you can rely on ClinicSense. We’ll keep all of your forms neatly organized on each client’s file, all easily accessible, and backed up daily.

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Customize your consent form(s)

Whether you need consent to treat, consent for a minor, or consent to treat sensitive areas, we have you covered. We start you off with some basic consent forms and you can customize them to your liking or build your own from scratch.

Consent and Policies forms
Consent & Policies Form

Automatically emailed to your clients

Choose which consent form(s) a client is required to fill out based on the service they booked. When a client schedules an appointment, ClinicSense will detect if any consent forms need to be sent based on the service that was booked and if it’s a new or returning client.

A seamless experience for your clients

Your clients will be emailed their consent form(s) ahead of time (along with any other intake forms required). They’ll be able to complete them from any device by checking off a confirmation that they read your consent form and then provide an electronic signature.

Consent and Policies forms
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