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Practice management software Invoicing
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Invoicing & Payments

An easy way to keep the financial records for your health & wellness business in order (especially for tax time).

Invoicing is one of those daily admin tasks you have to do, but very sneakily, it takes up a lot of your time

It may not seem like much initially, but every admin task - like writing invoices and processing payments - that only takes a few minutes can add up to hours of work every month. We know your time is better spent elsewhere, so we make invoicing incredibly easy.

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Automatically created for you

Every time an appointment is booked, ClinicSense automatically creates the invoice for you based on the service booked.

Practice management software Invoicing
Practice management software Invoicing

Simply add your payment

Your only responsibility is to mark the invoice as paid. Choose from several different payment methods and even split payments between two or more payment methods (i.e. credit card and insurance).

Email (or print) your receipt

Once payment has been made you can offer your clients a choice of an emailed or printed receipt (and you’ll find that most clients will love the convenience of an email).

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Practice management software Invoicing

Collect what’s owed to you

If you have any clients with unpaid invoices you can easily email them their invoice along with a prompt to pay online so you don’t have to wait for the next time they are in your office to get paid.

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