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Invoicing & Payments

An easy way to keep the financial records for your health & wellness business in order (especially for tax time).
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Invoicing is one of those daily admin tasks you have to do, but very sneakily, it takes up a lot of your time.
On average, it takes 25 minutes per day to write invoices and process payments.

It doesn’t seem like much initially, but this adds up to over 2 hours per week, or a full working day each month! Your time is definitely better spent elsewhere - like earning more money by taking on an additional appointment or two, or taking some time each week to treat yourself.
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How ClinicSense invoices work…

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When an appointment is booked, an invoice is automatically created.
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All you have to do is open the invoice and click the “Add Payment” button to indicate that the appointment has been paid for.
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Choose from several different payment methods, including, but not limited to: cash, credit, gift certificates, insurance, and even charge a card with Square.
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Easily split payments between two or more payment methods (i.e. cash and insurance).
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Finally, print the receipt - or even better - email it to the client.
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All of your invoices and payments will populate your reports so that you get full insight into how your business is performing.

Collect what’s owed to you…

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Sometimes, the situation presents itself where a client leaves without paying for full. One common example of this is they expect insurance will pay for a portion.
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But what happens if it turns out that insurance didn’t cover the treatment? You don’t want to have to wait until the client books their next appointment to collect payment.
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With ClinicSense, you can email a client an invoice that has an amount due and they can pay it online!
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