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Client Referrals

Finding a quality healthcare professional can be tough. With ClinicSense, you can set up an automated email that will let your clients know you are accepting referrals.

Referrals are a powerful way to gain new clients because they come from trusted sources, your happy clients.

When you consistently deliver high-quality services it builds trust and leads to clients that are more committed and engaged. But sometimes, it takes a little encouragement to ask those happy clients to refer their friends and family. That’s where ClinicSense can help!

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Practice management software Referral Campaign

Set and forget

We built this feature because we know that asking for referrals can feel awkward. This is an email that you set up once and then it will automatically send to clients after they’ve had at least 3 appointments to let them know you are accepting new clients. This means that you’ll never have to feel awkward about asking and you can be sure that ClinicSense is doing that work for you.

Attract new clients

Referrals are the most common way health & wellness businesses attract new clients. The importance of asking cannot be understated - especially for new and growing businesses. With this feature, you can be sure that every client is asked - with the flexibility to opt out any clients you don’t want to ask.

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Help customers feel like a VIP

Finding a quality healthcare professional can be tough. When you let your clients know you’re accepting referrals, you give them a chance to feel like a VIP when they get to tell their friends and family “I know someone that can help you with that…”

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