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No-Show Guard™

The ultimate defence against no-shows, late cancellations, and the awkward conversion that tends to follow.

Say goodbye to awkward conversations, with the No-Show Guard

Unfortunately, no matter how many reminders you send and how nicely you explain to clients how no-shows impact your business, there are some people that just can’t seem to help it. ClinicSense offers you protection from no-shows and the lost income from them. If you don’t have issues with no-shows, you can turn off No-Show Guard. But it’s always there for you if you ever need to turn it on.

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Online Booking Software No-Show Guard

You remain in control

ClinicSense ensures that you have the means to charge your fee if a client no-shows or cancels at the last minute.

Flexible payment options

If you choose to turn on No-Show Guard, you have a few options:

  • Require a credit number when a client books online (and charge it later if needed)
  • Require a small deposit (and charge the rest later if needed)
  • Require full prepayment for their appointment
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Turn it on for new clients only

If you have a loyal customer base who are respectful of your time, you can choose to turn on the No-Show Guard for new clients only, who generally are more likely to miss an appointment. Or give yourself full protection and turn it on for all clients.

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