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Email Newsletter features
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Email Newsletters

An easy way to stay in touch with clients - whether that’s for a newsletter, promotion, or updates about your business.

Email newsletters play an important role in keeping your clients up to date about changes to your business, promotions you’re offering, and sending out helpful information like self-care tips.

If you’re not engaging with your customers via email, ClinicSense gives you that chance. And if you’re already spending money on an email marketing program, you can save some money by consolidating programs and using ClinicSense to send your newsletters.

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Email Newsletter features

Designed to your liking

Write your message, choose a color scheme to match your preferences, then select an eye-catching image. Before hitting send you can send a test version to yourself.

Integrated with royalty free images

ClinicSense is integrated with Unsplash so that you can choose from thousands of royalty-free images to grab the attention of your clients.

Email Newsletter features segment audience
Email Newsletter features segment audience

Segment your list

You’ll be able to choose which clients will receive your email based on eight unique filters such as when a client booked their last appointment, which service they booked, and which practitioner they saw.

SOAP notes template

Want A Free SOAP Note Template?

Grab a high-quality SOAP note template for massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, multidisciplinary clinics, and more, free!