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Treatment Packages

Offering treatment packages at your wellness business benefits your clients, your reputation, and your bottom line.
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As a practitioner, your client's well-being is your top priority. With treatment packages, you can have them commit to a treatment plan, co-signing on a commitment to their health.

Treatment packages are also a fantastic way to celebrate your clients by offering them the option to purchase treatment bundles that they can purchase at a discount or even share with family and friends.

What are the benefits of offering treatment packages?

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Provide Better Care
By pre-selling recovery/treatment plans, you can enhance long-term client outcomes and strategically increase visits from your current client base, fostering a practice characterized by fewer but more loyal clients.
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Delight Your Clients, Grow Your Business
Clients will feel happy that they can purchase multiple treatment sessions at a discounted price - and encouraging them to share their packages with their network will help you get new clients through the door.
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Create Financial Stability
Selling treatment packages in advance is a clever way to manage cash-flow. By establishing goals with clients and having them purchase recovery plans for better long term results, everybody wins.
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Increase Client Retention & Loyalty
When new clients purchase a package, they are incentivized to return to your business. Giving you the opportunity to create a new long-term client.
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How ClinicSense helps you set up & sell treatment packages

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Create any type of treatment package you like within the ClinicSense system by customizing the name and service offerings.
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Mix and match your packages by offering multiple offerings, or creating custom bundles.
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Treatment packages can be redeemed by one person, family and friends, or by corporate clients and businesses.
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Customers pay for their packages one time in advance, eliminating the need to pay after every session.
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If a treatment package is purchased before the appointment was booked, ClinicSense will automatically apply the treatment package to qualifying services.
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Treatment packages can also be sold as gifts to help you grow your client base

Are You Ready To Run (And Grow) Your Wellness Business? Let's Get Started!

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