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Treatment Packages

Offering treatment packages at your wellness business benefits your clients, your reputation, and your bottom line.

As a practitioner, your client's well-being is your top priority.

With treatment packages, you can have them commit to a treatment plan, co-signing on a commitment to their health. Treatment packages are also a fantastic way to celebrate your clients by offering them the option to purchase treatment bundles at a discount or even share with family and friends.

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What are the benefits of offering treatment packages?

Provide Better Care

By pre-selling recovery/treatment plans, you give your clients an opportunity to commit to the plan. When clients are committed to their treatment plan they’ll achieve better long-term outcomes. With ClinicSense you have the flexibility to create highly tailored treatment packages.

Delight Your Clients, Grow Your Business

Clients will feel happy that they can purchase multiple treatment sessions at a discounted price. They can even share them with friends and family members, which helps you get more new clients through the door.

Create Financial Stability

Selling treatment packages in advance is great for cash-flow. By establishing goals with clients and having them purchase recovery plans for better long term results, everybody wins. It also helps foster a practice characterized by fewer but more loyal clients.

Increase Client Retention & Loyalty

When new clients purchase a package, they are incentivized to return to your business. Giving you the opportunity to create a new long-term client.

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