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Wellness Check-Ins

Help keep clients on track with their treatment plans with an automated wellness check-in email

Keep clients on track

This is an email that you set up once and then it will automatically send to clients who have not booked an appointment for a certain amount of time - you get to choose what that length of time is. It’s a really great tool for keeping clients on track with their treatment plans or reminding them to prioritize preventative healthcare.

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Improve client retention

One of the most common reasons that clients don’t book a follow-up appointment is simply because they forgot. With most successful businesses being built on the foundation of loyal, long-term clients, it’s important to take steps to ensure you aren’t losing a customer. A wellness check-in email is a gentle way to keep your business top of mind for the client and encourage them to book an appointment with you. 

Optionally include an incentive

If you’d like to give the client even more reason to book with you, you’ll have the option of including a promo code in the email that’s valid for your specified length of time.

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