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Meet Health & Wellness Practitioners Who Love ClinicSense

Meet health & wellness practitioners who love ClinicSense

Jessica Smith, Serena Harker and Heidi Van Der Bosch
Dawn Burke
Amanda Hook
Ann Marie Kison
Kristofer Lam
Heidi Ward and Donna Motamedi
Amanda Lunn
Jenessa Bellamy
Chloe Kilkenny
Kimberley Sattelmeier
Deb Wood-Scearbo
Christopher Brown
Juanita Peirson
Ashley Doke
Tancy Linn
Whitney Thompson
Timothy Phillips
Iovanca Silvia Strata
Dahlia Steinberg
Brittney Brown
Melissa Voight
Corynn Mercier
Karen Trippe
Anne KaaridAnne Kaarid
Thana Trakul
Dylan Sidor
Emily Glinick
Lindsay Geiger
Sabrina Nunes
Jessica Sieracki
Shannon Berg
Brittany Watkins
Mindy Alisha Hailman
Josh Karey
Danelle Warner
Olivia Sadler
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I like ClinicSense because of the reliability and service. I love the ease of use as well!
Annette Thompson
Tranquility Point Therapeutic Massage
Ashton image
I like the layout, the responsiveness of your team, and the extra support you keep offering. I find it easy to log in to change the settings.
Dr. Kalli Dodou
Kallistia Aesthetics Clinic
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ClinicSense has scheduling, payments, CRM, & SOAPS notes all in one!
Megan Molyneux
Megan Molyneux, LMT
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Everything all in one place and its easy to use.
Vanessa Roughley
Vanessa Roughley, RMT
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I like ClinicSense because its easy for massage therapists to use and train their employees on.
Alexandra Franzi
Clio Therapeutics
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I like ClinicSense because the whole thing is such a comprehensive system. Friendly for clients and easy for my team.
Jeff Wells
Wellsport Bodyworks
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I like everything about ClinicSense. The service is exceptional, the introduction of packages is great! My clients love the reminders and ease of booking and the no show guard is worth its weight in gold! It's also so refreshing to have a company who actually listen to their customers, and proactively move to improve their service!
Alan Kay
A.K. Sports Therapy and Massage
Ashton image
Clinicsense has everything a massage therapist needs and is continuing to develop features that allows us to increase our revenue, stay in compliance with state laws and the availability to answer and address questions quickly...I can go on and on. Highly recommend
Maureen Harriott
Peaceful Palms Therapeutic Massage
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I like using ClinicSense for the options of setting up our own intake forms along with the other features.
Lucretia Humphrey
Tranquil Healing Therapeutics
Ashton image
ClinicSense is so easy to work with it
Dulce Luna
Dulce Luna Massage And Wellness
Ashton image
I love using ClinicSense for the availability campaign that goes out every other week. My clients that have unpredictable schedules are loving it.
Laudie Jean-Francois
Sincere Healing Touch
Ashton image
Client love how easy it is to use. I love the convenience of all forms I need, soap notes too and can take different forms of payment. It is a game changer for a business owner.
Michelle Souza
Michelle Souza
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Its been easy navigating the ClinicSense from setup to the day to day running of my practice. Also my clients seem to like it as well.
Sandra McCarthy
Sandra McCarthy
Ashton image
ClinicSense is user friendly and meets my needs.
Mayela Lameda-Lyver
Healing Touch Massage Therapy
Ashton image
Excellent service. Very easy to use. And the support from ClinicSense is great.
Soni Vettikulathu
Arogya Massage
Ashton image
What made me feel most comfortable using ClinicSense was the ability to create just a word box in their form and treatment note builder. It makes it feels exactly like pen and paper! I don't have to click a bunch of buttons or select from drop downs. It is simply just like typing instead of writing with a pen. ClinicSense is a great system!
Ashley Flynn
Hometown Health and Wellness LLC
Ashton image
ClinicSense is easy and intuitive to navigate. The support tools via tutorials and emails are relevant, consistent and up to date. I was able to input my practice of three decades in one day. I am pleased to have my practice documents in one digital home where I can access my files anytime, anywhere. I find the App very useful as well.
Deanna Straub
Deanna Straub Clinical Massage Therapy
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Easy to use, flexible when updating or removing sections in forms, easy reminders for guests, and accessible anywhere. I love it!
Ginmarie Vélez Rivera
I Care, Relax... LLC
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ClinicSense is easy to use, and they have a great support team
Justin Walker
Justin Walker RMT
Ashton image
It's very easy to navigate. Also if I had a question, someone will messages back within mins. That is amazing!
Melissa Adams
Rejuvenation Massage
Image of Pamela
When setting up my account with ClinicSense, everything was self explanatory. And what I couldn’t figure out my customer rep was quick to send links!!!
Heidi Van Der Bosch
Indigo Massage Therapy LLC
Image of Pamela
I especially like the customer support. they are so quick to reply, and I love that they'll send a video explanation. I tried another company for a free trial that was cheaper but their customer support was terrible, so I decided ClinicSense is worth the price.
Laura Srygley
Laura Srygley, LMT
Image of Pamela
I have been using ClinicSense for three years. I appreciate the ease of online booking, the flexibility in options for massage types and length of massage, the ease and clarity of client records, the convenience of online forms, the marketing options, and the clarity of the calendar. I also appreciate ClinicSense's willingness to respond to your customers suggestions and to implement these suggestions to enhance the software. I have also had great online support with any difficulties or queries I have had with using the software from their team. I have been massaging for 33 years and ClinicSense makes running my business easy.
Kevin Fitzgerald
Brunswick Heads Massage
Image of Pamela
I like ClinicSense because its easy to use, and the quick responses you get from Customer service if you have any problems or concerns. Their team always has a solution.
Sharon Coppin
Care Through Touch Wellness Center
Image of Pamela
I like the fact I can do accounting as well as scheduling on this platform. I also like the way it’s set up to do SOAP notes and more.
Carolyn Wise
Love Living Life - Massage and Bodywork
Image of Pamela
Incredibly easy to use and navigate. Great customer service and lots of features that help with marketing.
Marilyn Glinka
Arches Bodywork
Image of Pamela
It's easy to navigate ClinicSense. Especially, the setup. It was easy because there are simple categories along the dashboard. I also like that the software has a lot of features but not so many where it’s overwhelming. Very simple!
Samantha Cordova
MissFit Training and Massage Therapy
Image of Pamela
Easy to use for me as a clinic owner and for my clients. Everything is ready for me from the invoice,forms, reports and reminders. For a non tech savvy like me, Clinicsense is definitely a life saver.
Rose Scherr
Rose Massage Therapy and Wellness Inc.
Image of Pamela
ClinicSense's customer service is top notch, even through email and that matters most to me. I won’t do business without that. The organized way of keeping track of reports is my second favorite thing as well. Colors for different services is next because I can see at a glance what my day looks like.
Sheri Johnson
Just Be Therapeutic Massage
Image of Pamela
I like the features that help me run my business. The text/email reminders are worth so much to me. The email campaigns are helpful too. I’m able to communicate with my clients using these tools in a professional and timely manner.
Jennifer Hickel
Inner Infinity Healing
Image of Pamela
I like that there are always improvements being made and options to suggest new features. My customer service experience has always been top notch! The new google review feature is really great too!!
Mollianne Parsons
Sage Therapeutic Massage
Image of Pamela
I enjoyed using every part of this service. The ease of linking to square was awesome as well as my client never had a problem scheduling online. These two things made my job as a business owner so much more proficient.
Wendy Rasmussen
The Good Hurt
Image of Pamela
It’s the easiest software to use for my clients and myself.
Bill Wells
B WELLs Massage
Image of Pamela
It is easy to use and has pretty much everything you need to manage your practice regarding clients and scheduling. The online ability to sell gift certificates is great and the tracking of gift certificates as well. The cost is very reasonable.
Jeanie Gorski
Therapy Designed for You, LLC
Image of Pamela
I like ClinicSense because it of its ease of booking and its user friendly.
Matthew Chu
Matthew Chu, RMT
Image of Pamela
The set up videos were extremely helpful and the response time to questions for support were quick and informative.
Kaylee Willman
Willman Wellness
Image of Pamela
The online booking and soap notes make my life so much easier. I got to fire myself as a receptionist, the least favorite part of my job.
Jill Grignaffini
Grignaffini Muscular Therapy
Image of Pamela
The thing I appreciate the most about ClinicSense is the calendar integration and ease of self-scheduling for clients.
Ashton Klaiber
Ensō Massage & Wellness
Image of Pamela
It’s my first time using a booking system build for massage therapy. It’s been a really amazing experience. It’s so straightforward and easy. And all the tutorial videos are so helpful too.
Hidemi Okawa
Verdure Toronto Massage Therapy
Image of Pamela
Everything you could need is in one place!
Tyler K.
Massage by TK
Image of Pamela
I like that it provides exactly what I need from scheduling, to soap notes and the reminder features.
Mandy Bates
In The Moment Massage Therapy
Image of Pamela
Great customer service! Always quick to respond and the software is just super easy to navigate. My clients love the ease of online scheduling.
Amy Whitman
Healthy Foundations
Image of Pamela
Very easy to use for me and my clients.
Susan Johnson
Pittsburgh Advanced Recovery, INC
Image of Pamela
Easy to use, and I love the new features for ratings, reviews, referrals, and holding a credit card on file.
Beth Grant
Beth Grant, RMT
Image of Pamela
Very easy to navigate software, detailed SOAP, & reasonably priced!
Embody Massage and Bodywork
Image of Pamela
I love being able to write physically but having to keep records for 10 years, it becomes a lot. ClinicSense was suggested this by a fellow RMT who runs his own business and it has been idiot proof and incredibly easy to use.
Danielle Luet
Magic Hands
Image of Pamela
"Anyone that is looking to change from paper to ClinicSense... Go for it! It will make your life so much easier."
Norman Cueto
Norman Cueto-RMT
Image of Pamela
It is very easy to use. It syncs with my google calendar and it's not expensive. The booking setup makes it very easy for my clients to see available dates and times and book an appointment. My clients have commented on how simple and hassle free it is to book an appointment. The templates for treatment notes are also easy to use. I have recommended Clinicsense to some of my RMT friends. It definitely improved my practice 😊
Rissa Wycoco
Art of Wellness Clinic
Image of Pamela
Best online booking software all around!
Brad Surette, R.Ac
SMART Healing Centre
Image of Pamela
We are medical massage so we appreciate the variety of note taking and charting abilities. It’s been wonderful to send our availability out every two weeks. We also appreciate the online booking feature allowing clients to book within an hour. ClinicSense has helped us look and feel like a large successful practice, even though we are still small.
Breanna May
Clearwater Sports Massage
Image of Pamela
ClinicSense is clean, crisp and professional and my clients enjoy how easy it is for them to book online!
Julie Darwin
Julie Glenna Darwin, RMT, CBP
Image of Pamela
Excellent SOAP notes section and reasonable pricing.
Christopher Brown
Handcrafted Humans
Image of Pamela
ClinicSense offers both text and email reminders which is handy. They're always quick to respond to questions and the software is easy to use.
Julie Walker
Parry Sound Massage Therapy Clinic
Image of Pamela
Very straight forward, does everything I need at a reasonable price.
Dr. Lissa Juedemann
Mountain Light Chinese Medicine
Image of Pamela
I like ClinicSense very much!
Coline MacEachern
Sunset Massage
Image of Pamela
I find ClinicSense really easy to work with.
Lorri Zimmerman
Lorri Zimmerman, RMT, RRPr
Image of Pamela
ClinicSense is easy to use. I’m a huge fan of the notes, intake forms, Covid screening, online scheduling & marketing. They have excellent support and affordable pricing too.
Neesie Steinke
PDX Healing Massage
Image of Pamela
Great customer service, very user friendly and not too expensive.
Annie Robitaille
Élan Vital Massage Therapy and Osteopathy Centre
Image of Pamela
Easy to use and easy for clients to book.
Jackie Holness
Jackie Holness Massage Therapy
Image of Pamela
Its nice and easy to use.
Don Di Giuseppe
Therapeutic Choice
Image of Pamela
I think ClinicSense has all the necessities for a massage therapist to build a thriving business. I’ve also assisted two other therapists in adopting ClinicSense into their practice.
Taryn Proudsworth
Salt and Sage Massage
Image of Pamela
I like that there are a lot of custom features. I'm enjoying the ability to make my own forms as well. Clinicsense keeps my business organized and in one place. Also, the credit card feature allows for easy payment and enforcement of my cancellation policy. I also love that ClinicSense has open lines of communication with its users to ensure the changes made to the system make the most sense to the end user.
Melissa Clemmensen
Parents Therapeutic Massage of Durham
Image of Pamela
It’s the perfect software for massage Therapist.
Juliana De Lacerda
Pure Flow Massage Therapy
Image of Pamela
I love that as a solo practitioner, and business owner, clinicsense has made it SO much easier to run my business, without having to be or hire a receptionist. It literally does everything for me, saving so much time and money!
Mary Fehr
Wetaskiwin Massage Therapy
Image of Pamela
Customer service is very helpful and the system is very user friendly for both practitioners and clients who are booking online.
Dena Paull
Bird's Nest Massage
Image of Pamela
All my clients love the interface, I love the price and customer service.
Sharon Cheng Ghafour M.OMSc
Halo Healing Classical Osteopathic Care
Image of Pamela
Being paperless is amazing!
Sandra Zandell
Sandra D Zandell, LMT, LLC
Image of Pamela
Very easy to use. Customer service is excellent!
Courtney Atkins
TherapyWorks Clinical and Wellness Massage, LLC
Image of Pamela
Ease of use, user friendly, simple for clients to figure out on their end! I love that it’s all online and I hardly have to do any work on my part for reminders.
Heidi Ward
Heidi Ward, RMT
I am blessed recently with returning clients because they have received email from ClinicSense that I didn't even know then and those clients that booked themselves online through the emails they received. This is awesome! I didn't have to text or call to remind clients that they are due for massage.
Shane Mangay-at
Igorota Therapeutics Inc
I like ClinicSense because its easy to use and for record keeping. The software gets better and better each month.
Teara Helsel
AphrodiTe's House of Glam
I like how easy it is to use ClinicSense
Karen Meyer
Karen M Meyer
ClinicSense is very easy to use and set up, also you can customize a lot of things!
Kayla DeWater
DeBest Massage LLC
I like how easy ClinicSense is to use and the support is wonderful if any issues arise!
Julie Gottschalk
Serene Holistic Healing and Wellness
ClinicSense is great because paperwork is at a touch of a button.
Laura Hunt
Laura Hunt LMT
I like that it is easy. Easy to keep notes in order and make changes. Also, my clients like the ease of the online scheduling.
Alyssa Krakowski
Massage by Alyssa
I am 74 years old & hate change!! I was fighting tooth & nail against using software but finally sat down & did it! And now I’ve been using ClinicSense since 2018. 24 years ago I left my career in Home Care due to computerization (seems funny now). And now that I’ve had my own massage business for almost 26 years I am thankful you for the ease of use and all the help ClinicSense has provided me these last years.
Pam Kramer
Relief Massage
ClinicSense is very easy to use. If there are any questions the help section is full of information. I recently contacted customer support and they responded extremely fast and the problem was resolved to my liking. With ClinicSense, I feel I have a voice and its refreshing in the massage profession. It's very nice to be heard and solutions offered. I find myself wondering why I didn't switch to this sooner!
Carrie Premetz
Firefly Therapeutic Massage, LLC
I really like being able to control every aspect of my schedule. I also like the marketing and financial reports. It's a great help as a new business owner!
Melissa Bloedow
Tinotenda LLC Melissa Bloedow
Very user friendly from both admin and customer side. I get many compliments from patients on how easy it is to use and they really like it.
Kristen Lutz
Lutz Massage Therapy
I like the ability to chart and online booking for my clients.
Bessie Desmond
Bessie Desmond RMT
My clients like that they don't have to create a user name and password to schedule. It is simple and easy to use.
Joanna Volkoff
Summit Springs Therapies
Generally speaking I swear by clinic sense - it’s user friendly, many features, I can run my practice with it.
Yvonne O.
I no longer have to print, submit and file medical history SOAP Charts. I no longer need to personally schedule appointments, which includes providing my availability, confirming each booking, sending email notices, generating reminders and follow ups and processing credit card transactions.
Yusef N.
Any issues I have had have been addressed quickly.
Wendy T.
So far so good!
Wendy W.
This has helped to reduce our carbon footprint in the clinic Helps us have an onsite to what is going on with clients before they arrive for treatment So user friendly Allows for easy communication to all clients of the clinic
Wendy H.
Best software for your clinic
Veronica S.
Awesome, guys! You make this program foolproof.
Vivian Steel
Quantum Bodywork
My overall experience with ClinicSense is completely positive. I have no complaints at this point.
Valerie W.
It is just very easy, and I am not "techy" at all...yet it is very easy to navigate!
Tancy Linn
Sault Massage
They are very good to work with and are always looking for ways to keep clinicsense current and easy to use.
Travis C.
This company really cares about making using their program user friendly and everything that a therapist could need in one place. Worth every penny
Sydney D.
Really great
Susan F.
I have been very happy with the changes and improvements, especially when u finally did the full system upgrade this past year. Its was becoming a problem for speed and ease before the big change.
Sharon C.
The program saves me a lot of time in terms of charting and booking. It is very easy to use, and I haven't had any issues with it yet.
Shannon D.
Overall I'm happy with it, it takes care of all of my business needs.
Sandra S.
Easy to set up and use. When I do have a question, it is easy to get ahold of someone and get the answers needed.
Patricia W.
Easy for me to use. Easy for my patients to use. No paper records to manage. “Copy to current note” is a favourite of mine. It helps me see the past treatment record and see progress or no progress of the condition. Security of the files as per the privacy regulations. Easy to access on my laptop, tablet and phone! Reasonable price.
Sarah Sparks
It’s awesome
Sara B.
ClinicSense is a one stop shop for scheduling, billing and charting. Using it for the past 4 years has helped immensely with cutting down on time spent on the administrative tasks of running a business while making sure that nothing important is missed at the same time.
Sandra C.
Keeping client's information secured and organized.
Rosmery J.
ClinicSense is a one stop shop for scheduling, billing, and charting. Using it for the past 4 years has helped me immensely with cutting don on time spent on the administrative tasks of running a business while making sure that nothing important is missed at the same time.
Sandra C.
I just wanted to relay the experience I had with Mark this morning. What an comforting experience, his demeanor and humour made the technical issues I had very stressfree. Very much appreciate the customer service and will most certainly be recommending this product to my peers.
Key2 health
I really like that it automatically sends out birthday promotions - has given me peace of mind for my clients! I also like that it sells gift certificates and keeps a track of them. Overall it's been a great experience that has left me with more time for my clients and business and less time managing papers!
Rebecca R.
Ramil T.
Overall, it's a good product for plug in and go. If they updated some areas, it'll be a 10 out of 10, though at this time, there is room for improvement.
Raelea H.
I absolutely LOVE ClinicSense. It's easy for therapists AND clients to use, the SOAP notes are fantastic, the automated emails and text messages and intake forms allow the therapist to spend less time on administrative. It's reliable, and their customer service is fantastic. I can't recommend highly enough.
Rachel Carroll
The Neuromuscular Studio
I am very happy with the program and look forward to its growth
Paula D.
I have used ClinicSense for a while now and I won't use anything else. It is so user friendly, keeps everything in one place and the best thing above all is the amount of time it saves me in my day! Thank you for assisting me in being a better business owner!
Phyllis P.
We are a team of not very tech savvy people, so ease of use was very important to us. All of the how to guides are helpful, and if there is anything we don't understand or need help with, the staff is always very quick to respond and very friendly. We like having all of our booking, charting and sales reports all in one location.
Olivia F.
Bodhi Massage Therapy Clinic
Love it! so thankful we have found your system. reduce our time and cost. Thank you!
Nuchnapha H.
Overall, ClinicSense has been awesome! Before starting my own business, I worked places that used other software for their scheduling. Granted, fitness centers and chiropractic clinics have different needs than massage clinics do, so ClinicSense would not have worked well in those settings. But I love the fact that there is software for massage only. I don't have to pay for aspects that, due to the nature of my business, I will never use.
Noelle B.
We have tried several booking system they all have Pros and Cons, overall I love ClinicSense the most so far and I am sure they are working on improving their system. I would keep it because of the functional is easy and friendly to use.
Nuchnapha H.
This software is easy to use. Even if you are not comfortable with writing soap notes, this software helps to format them into a professional final product.
Nicole J.
This software is easy to use. Even if you are not comfortable with writing soap notes, this software helps to format them into a professional final product.
Nicole J.
Overall experience has been excellent
Nancy K.
This is the receptionist I can afford. It keeps me organized and does so much of the work for me so I can focus on my patients.
Melissa H.
Over all I really like this scheduling system it fulfills many of my needs, SOAP notes, invoicing, gift certificates, visa transactions, cx intake and updates.
Michelle H.
The main issue solved by the Clinicsense software is the need for paper. All my intake forms and clinical notes are done on-line which free up a lot of space in the clinic. My receipts can be emailed to my clients and when it comes to sharing client files with other health practitioners or insurance companies/lawyers, it is so easy to print the clinical notes. All the work is done for you. You get professional written notes in seconds.
Mayela L.
The main issue solved by the Clinicsense software is the need for paper. All my intake forms and clinical notes are done on-line which free up a lot of space in the clinic. My receipts can be emailed to my clients and when it comes to sharing client files with other health practitioners or insurance companies/lawyers, it is so easy to print the clinical notes. All the work is done for you. You get professional written notes in seconds.
Mayela L.
Healing Touch Massage Therapy
I love it, it is so helpful in all aspects of my business, I don't know what I would do without it.
Mary K.
Overall experience has been fantastic! It's easy to use, very intuitive and provides me with exactly what I need. Saves me a ton of administrative time and helps me get to what I like best which is treating.
Matthew C.
I have had virtually no glitches or issues. ClinicSense addresses software issues quickly and provides responses to questions quickly. This software is stable and reliable.
Leah D.
We are satisfying our clients need for ease and expectations for speed when booking or rebooking appointments.
Laura R.
I started to utilize ClinicSense as I began to reopen my practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, I appreciate the implementation of online intake forms as well as the COVID-19 screening form. My clients all appreciated the professionalism of the software. I am able to keep track of all my clients appointment days and times as well as have all clients fill out a COVID-19 screening form prior to their sessions which helps to keep the practice running safely.
Laura T.
I have always had very quick communication with the clinic sense team whenever I have asked any questions. The customer service is great.
Kynsi H.
This software has been very helpful in my practice in all the reporting function and ease of access for my patients to book with me online. I also love that I don’t have paper files anymore!
Kiran S.
Amazing. Offered everything I needed and more.
Kristoffer K.
Great product
Kristofer L.
Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome website! I love using ClinicSense, easy to learn and navigate. Thank you, thank you!!!!
Kim Bowen
Kim McCombs Bowen Therapist
The program is amazing, customer service is awesome, I book about 20% of my appts now the rest are dome through clinic sense right from my website! Huge time saver.
Julie T.
I’ve been really pleased to be using this program, I have no complains.
Katrina R.
The online booking is my favourite thing! Allows my clients to see what I have available in real time. No more phone tag!
Kerru I.
Kerry Inglis, RMT
This software has opened my business up by allowing people to take control over their own schedules. This has eased my day to day operations and has allowed simplicity.
Kathleen M.
I am happy that my clients are able to schedule sessions and update/change appointments and information on their own. Saves me a lot of time.
Karen S.
I love the ease of your software. You really made it user friendly and beautiful. Thank you.
Karen Knippa
Karen Knippa LMT
Excellent. The customer service is outstanding. They listen to therapists needs, It has been a pleasure being a part of this growing company and seeing them flourish. Thank you for the discounted rate to AMTA members. Good luck and keep up your personal service.
Justin Y.
I LOVE this program. The price is incredible for what you get. Within the very first month my productivity increased, my money increased, retention increased with easier scheduling and intake forms readily available, and the list goes on. Even the simple form for invoicing and in taking how the money received is a game changer. This program also made me realize more money was coming in than I thought and to get in gear with a better budget. Give it a try, you wont regret it! I have been through every big name program over 14 years with several different salons and spas, but I found this to be the best choice when opening my own brick and mortar location.
Kacie B.
I LOVE this program. The price is incredible for what you get. Within the very first month my productivity increased, my money increased, retention increased with easier scheduling and intake forms readily available, and the list goes on. Even the simple for of invoicing and in taking how the money received is a game changes. This program also made me realize more money was coming in than I thought and to get in gear with a better budget. Give it a try, you won't regret it! I have been through every big name program over 14 years with several different salons and spas, but I found this to be the best choice when opening my own brick and mortar location.
Kacie B.
Back 2 Balance Massage Boutique
I love the professional look, the support is top notch and fast, it protects a therapist time with credit card capture upon booking and allows you to customize your cancellation policies, etc and has the client sign this as acknowledgment.
Julie O.
The setup process is very easy and straightforward.
Julie Jane Zavagno
Somacare At Home
Best Massage Clinic Software in the Business
Joshua K.
Clinicsense has ease of use, staff support is quick, and helped in my business a lot!
Joy G.
Very satisfied. Just partner up with Square and I'd say it's almost perfect. The CS App is great too, please allow me to email clients intake forms from within the app!
Josh M.
It’s been great so far.
Joni L.
This is fantastic!! Thank you so much for including this. I will definitely be using this availability email campaign. Thank you for being forward thinking and sensitive to the needs of your customers. Wonderful!!
Jodi McKee
Horizon Therapy
The reminders to clients is valuable and keeps everyone on track!
Joanne Chalmers
Joanne Chalmers RMT
Very positive, right from the start.
Joanna K.
It effectively covers most of the informational clinical works for massage therapy clinics. It's simple and inexpensive.
Jing yang Z.
ClinicSense has come a long way in the last few years. When I first started using it, it was clunky and felt unrefined. In the last 6 months they have added a lot of new features, and ease of access.
Jessica M.
Has made it very easy to continuously check my appointments while I’m in the go and stay up to date with incoming bookings etc
Jessica V.
Overall I have loved using the software, what I appreciate the most is that they are always trying to improve the system to offer more and more features.
Jennifer L.
Great software and anxious to see future upgrades.
Jemal F.
All the stuff you need, nothing you don't. The SOAP notes are easy to enter and refer back to. Excellent client communication. Ease of use for the client is very good, my clients love it! And being able to collect credit card info at scheduling creates a very simple checkout process: my clients love that too!
Janna M.
Program is very easy to navigate and put into use quickly. Easy for therapists and clients alike. Tailored to the needs of a massage therapist.
Janine G.
Love it! You can’t beat the price and they keep striving to be better and better!
Janice W.
Love it! You can't bear the price and they keep striving to be better and better!
Very very happy! The customer support is excellent, the product is very well designed. It helps me manage my practice very easily with one product. And while I can auto send birthday emails, reminders and the like, it does not have an attached listing or other features that make it more of marketing vehicle than a practice management vehicle. It's exactly the balance that I wanted - an elegant, simple to use, practice management software. Yippee!
Jana M.
Amazing! Thank you so much Scott. I am VERY impressed with Clinicsense software and the support! MIles ahead of my current software! Thank you for all your help!
James Check
James Check Massage
It is amazing that my clients are able to book online with ease. Its very appealing to the eye and easy to navigate when creating schedules and making appointments.
Jackie J.
I am a first time therapist, as of the last 2 years, and ClinicSense was a great program for my small practice. As I was getting set up, the staff were extremely helpful and timely in answering my many questions.
Ila H.
Easy to use, easy for year end documents, allows my clients to take charge of their appointments.
Holly Strong
Holly Strong RMT
Overall, I am pleased with ClinicSense. It has great functionality for the cost.
Heidi G.
This software has saved me a tons of time with administration, quick charting and allowing clients to manage their appointments at all hours of the day/night.
Hannah A.
You guys have been going above and beyond! Best money I spend to better my business every month. Thank you!
Heather Sparks
The Ivy Turtle Wellness Company
Easy to manage and track all all aspects of my client bookings, income and treatment notes. It has automized many tasks i used to do myself.
Genevieve N.
It was simply plain sailing. I tried other systems, some lacked functionality I needed or were clunky, others were quite difficult to set up. With ClinicSense I haven’t had any of these problems. It does what I need as a massage therapist. It is very easy to set up and use, so far I haven’t had any major issues at all. ClinicSense just works for me.
Frank S.
You guys are the best! Thank you for your continued improvements of the software! My clients and I love all of the features so far!
Erica Atkins
WholeBody Myofascial Release & Massage
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