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Customize your client intake forms to your liking, then our automation will take care of sending them to the right clients at the right time.

Client paperwork overwhelming? Try our online forms!

If you’re a veteran health & wellness practitioner, you know what 5+ years of paperwork looks like, how stressful it is to manage, and how you eventually run out of space to store it. To make matters worse, you likely have to keep the paperwork even after you retire to comply with local regulations on client file preservation. Besides the trouble of storing client files, you have the task of keeping everything organized, so that when a client, an insurance company, or a lawyer requests a document from you it’s accessible and easy to find. Plus, being well organized will make peer reviews a breeze, and you will exude professionalism.

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Create as many forms as you need

We start you off with the most common forms such as contact information, health history, and consent. You can choose to customize those forms to your liking or you can build your own forms from scratch.

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Automatically emailed to your clients

You tell us which forms a client is required to fill out when they book a certain service and how often that form needs to be updated and we’ll take care of the rest - making sure that the right forms go to the right clients at the right time.

Intake forms
Customizable forms

An upgraded customer service experience

Most people don’t enjoy being handed a clipboard and a bunch of forms when they arrive at your office. With ClinicSense, your forms are emailed to your clients ahead of time. They can complete them from any device when it’s convenient for them.

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Download the free patient intake form template now!

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What people are saying about us

Overall rating 5/5

“Our clients find filling out the intake form and online booking very smooth. We get comments on how much our clients like the software regularly.”

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Miche Pouliot

Overall rating 5/5

“ClinicSense has made transitioning on my own very easy. I wouldn't be as organized as I am without this software so I have nothing but good things to say.”

Review by Kayla Schofield

Kayla Schofield

Overall rating 5/5

“ClinicSense has met all of my expectations and more. With a customer service that is both professional and personable, ClinicSense is a joy to work with and a great compliment to my business.”

Review by Heather massage therapist

Heather Wiebe

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