Intake Form Template

Contact, health history and consent for new patients

What is a patient intake form?

If you are a healthcare practitioner, having your patients/clients fill out intake forms, aka health history forms, is required by law in most states and provinces. Intake forms also help you better serve your clients by gathering important health history information to help you build more effective treatment plans.

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Why should I use online intake forms?

Online patient intake forms give time back to both clients and practitioners. With online forms, new patients can fill out their client intake forms before their appointment - from home - at a time that's convenient for them. This saves them from wasting valuable treatment time filling out paperwork and empowering practitioners to provide better treatment by planning ahead.If you want to reduce paperwork, increase compliance, and save time on admin work, you should consider using online patient intake forms with ClinicSense. Learn more to read about everything our customizable intake form solution provides!

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What kind of information is included in a health history form?

A health history form allows practitioners and therapists to gather important information about their clients or patients that help guide the treatment plan. These forms include items such as contact information, health history, their reason for visiting, written consent forms, and more.

How do you create a patient intake form online?

You can build new patient intake forms online with practice management tools like ClinicSense. ClinicSense offers customizable and HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant solutions that allow practitioners to save time, streamline their business, and overcome the frustrations of managing paperwork! ClinicSense is used by massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, multidisciplinary clinics, and more! With online clinic intake forms, you can:

Automatically send forms when clients book
Save up to 75% on admin time and tasks
Stay HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant
Build out customizable forms
Save time with pre-built forms and templates.
Stay organized online
Say goodbye to paperwork
Plan treatments ahead
Store client health history in one place
Gather consent and signature digitally
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