Jane App vs. ClinicSense

ClinicSense vs. Jane App A Comparison

Choosing the right practice management software for your business is critical. We want you to have the best information possible to do so. This page compares two of the top-rated platforms – ClinicSense and Jane App – to help you choose the one that’s right for you.


ClinicSense is an all-in-one solution for your wellness business. The powerful suite of tools is deeply integrated and offers you everything you need for maintaining client files, automating administrative tasks, and growing your business through automated marketing campaigns that consistently grow your business.

Jane App

Jane App offers a similar program to ClinicSense for managing client files, but with a focus on direct billing to insurance companies and hosting online video appointments rather than integrated marketing tools.

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ClinicSense vs. Jane App

Both ClinicSense and Jane App offer features to manage your client files. This includes online scheduling, email & SMS appointment reminders, SOAP notes, intake forms, invoicing and receipts, and financial reporting.Here are the main differences between the two products:

Referrals Campaign
Availability Campaign
Win-Back Campaigns
Birthday Campaigns
Send Email Newsletters
Create & Share Promo Codes
Sell Gift Certificates
Facebook & Instagram Scheduling Integration
Video Appointments
Direct Billing

What Features Does ClinicSense Have That Jane Doesn't Have?

ClinicSense offers tools that are unique to Jane App. On top of all of the tools to manage your client files, ClinicSense also includes sales & marketing tools to help you attract new clients and grow your business through repeat bookings.These features include:

Referral Request Campaigns

Asking for referrals can feel awkward and it can be hard to keep on top of it. ClinicSense offers automated emails to ask for referrals and keep new clients flowing.

Availability Campaigns

ClinicSense will scan your calendar for availability and send an email to your clients with a summary of your availability and a prompt for them to book online. This simple reminder works wonders and ClinicSense is seeing each therapist that uses this feature earn an additional $960/mo.

Win-Back Campaigns

ClinicSense will automatically track which clients haven’t seen you in a while and send them a win-back campaign to remind them that if they enjoyed your services before, they may want to book with you again.

Birthday Campaigns

A nice customer service touch for your clients to let them know you’re thinking about them. You can optionally offer a promo as a small gift.

Send Email Newsletters

Let clients know about new service offerings, updates about your business, and even add value to their lives with helpful tips and tricks for living a healthy life.

Create & Share Promo Codes

Especially impactful around the holidays and for those that sell gift certificates. Offer your clients a special - even set a minimum spend requirement for your deal.

Sell Gift Certificates Through Your Website

Increase your income by empowering your clients to buy gift certificates for their friends and family online, so they don’t have to come into your office to buy one. This is a powerful sales tool when combined with email newsletters and promo codes.

Facebook & Instagram Scheduling Integration

Turn your Facebook and Instagram followers into clients with ClinicSense’s official booking partnership with Facebook.

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Overall rating 5/5

"Great interface. Jane was all over the place and not as user friendly for me, even though they were there if I needed assistance — it was just too complicated. CS is simple, concise, and easy to setup."

- Desiree Prefontaine

Square Payment Device

Additionally, ClinicSense offers a direct integration with Square Payments and the Square Terminal Device for seamless payments

Meet Customers Who Made The
Switch from Jane to ClinicSense!

Overall rating 5/5

It took months of trying various software until I finally found one that checked every box.

I needed something user-friendly for myself AND my clients.

On top of that, I needed software that checked the PIPEDA compliance box for information security in Canada. (this was much harder than I thought).

I had given up on quality customer service throughout my journey to find the right software… however, it turns out ClinicSense also checks that box.

I am beyond happy with ClinicSense, and so are my clients.

User Testimonial Profile Pic

Ben Fanelli

Heroic Minds Counselling & Psychotherapy

Overall rating 5/5

I love everything about ClinicSense.

I started with Jane and rapidly changed to ClinicSense!

It's far more user-friendly, clients like the interface better, and charting is fabulous.

I have taught all my students about ClinicSense and encouraged them to choose it when they graduate.

User Testimonial Profile Pic

Jennifer Sheehan

Jennifer Sheehan RMT

Overall rating 5/5

Since switching over from Jane to ClinicSense 2+ years ago, it has cut down my admin time by 90%, easy.For 10 years, I was charting, scheduling, etc all on paper.

The transition was extremely simple and easy.

With the Online Booking feature, my schedule filled up so quickly.

I should have switched sooner!

User Testimonial Profile Pic

Cat Trudel

Hands on Health RMT

What You’ll Get With Jane App That You Won’t Get With ClinicSense

While Jane App offers these features that ClinicSense doesn’t that may be important to your business:

Online Video Appointments

Jane App allows you to meet with your clients via a one-on-one video session on your computer.

Electronic Claim Submissions

You can manage various insurance workflows using fee codes, percentage coverage, flat fees, or a combination of each.

Account Setup & Free Trial

ClinicSense vs. Jane App

ClinicSense offers a free trial so you'll have a chance to try it out before buying. This includes completing your complete account setup, so you can see just how easy it is.


You get a 14-day free trial to see if ClinicSense is a good fit for your business.The free trial includes a built-in guided tour, step-by-step account setup guides and you'll be able to call, email or text with a your dedicated Customer Success Coach.Account setup typically takes 30-60 minutes (depending on the number of services and practitioners).

Jane App

Jane App does not offer a free trial, so you won’t have the chance to try before you buy. Instead, you can do a demo with a sales person who may also need to walk you through your initial account setup.


ClinicSense vs. Jane App

ClinicSense offers 3 plans to choose from, starting at $39/mo. Jane App also has 3 plans to choose from, starting at $79/mo. Here are the most popular plans for each and how they compared.

Plan Type
Base Price
Price For Additional Practitioners
ClinicSense Lite
ClinicSense Standard
Jane App Base Plan
Jane App Insurance Plan

What Is Right For You?

ClinicSense or Jane App

Both ClinicSense and Jane offer all the practice management software tools you need to run your business; however, after talking to customers of both ClinicSense and Jane App, the decision generally comes down to:


ClinicSense may be a better fit if direct billing and video appointments are not a major part of your business. The cost is less and you'll get the added bonus of integrated marketing tools to grow your business.

Jane App

Jane App may be a better fit if your business operates primarily with direct billing to insurance companies, your business consists primarily of online video appointments, and you are already paying for another software program for marketing.

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