Mindbody vs. ClinicSense

ClinicSense vs. Mindbody
A Comparison

Choosing the right clinic management software for your business is critical. We want you to have the best information possible to do so.


One of the core differences between ClinicSense and Mindbody is that ClinicSense is specialized for health & wellness businesses. This means that features are specifically designed for massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc.


Mindbody shares many of the same features as ClinicSense, however, as a program that is primarily designed for fitness studios, yoga studios, and hair salons, MindBody lacks feature-rich SOAP notes and the many other features that are specific to the healthcare industry.

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ClinicSense vs. Mindbody

There is quite a big difference between ClinicSense and Mindbody features. This is mainly because each service is built for a different market. ClinicSense is built for healthcare practitioners and MindBody is built for gyms, hair salons, and yoga studios. Below are the notable differences between the ClinicSense Standard plan ($69/mo) and the MindBody Starter plan (also $159/mo):

Fully Customizable SOAP Notes
Fully Customizable Forms
Online Booking Via Website Widget
SMS Appointment Reminders
Google Review Booster
Email Marketing Tools
Square Integration
Review Request Campaigns
Product Inventory Tracking
Monthly Membership Management
Event & Class Booking
Payroll Reports

What You’ll Get With ClinicSense That You Won’t Get With Mindbody

ClinicSense offers tools that are unique to Mindbody. On top of all of the tools to manage your client files, ClinicSense also includes sales & marketing tools to help you attract new clients and grow your business through repeat bookings.
These features include:

Fully Customizable SOAP Notes

Every massage business is different and ClinicSense’s SOAP notes allow you to tailor your notes to the unique needs of your business.

ClinicSense starts you off with 3 different SOAP note templates. You can use any of those SOAP note templates or create your own templates that are fully customized for your business. This includes the ability to create different templates for the different services that you offer.

You can then choose the SOAP note that’s best suited for the treatment you’re providing. For example, if you offer both prenatal massage and neuromuscular therapy, you can use different templates for each service since you will record different information for each service type.

100% Customizable Intake Forms

Just like SOAP notes, ClinicSense starts you with all of the standard forms, but then gives you the option to customize those forms or create new ones that are unique to your business. You’ll have the option of choosing from 15 different question types (like multiple choice, short answer, etc) and even use “display logic”.

This means questions will only be asked when it’s appropriate. For example, questions about pregnancy are only prompted if the client answers “yes” to being pregnant. After creating and customizing your forms you can choose which forms need to be sent to the client based on which service they book. For example, you can create an intake form specifically for prenatal massage, and only send that intake form to clients who book that service.

So not only do you get the customization and flexibility, but you get the automation of sending out the right forms at the right time. Everything works in sync and the experience for you is seamless.

Send Email Newsletters

Let clients know about new service offerings, updates about your business, and even add value to their lives with helpful tips and tricks for living a healthy life.

Text Message Appointment Reminders

Your clients have the choice of receiving an email or SMS to remind them about upcoming appointments.

Add Online Scheduling To Your Website

With ClinicSense you can add a “Book Appointment” button to your website to enable online booking for your clients. (This feature is offered as an Add-On to the MindBody Starter Plan).

Win-Back Campaigns

ClinicSense will automatically track which clients haven’t seen you in a while and send them a win-back campaign to remind them that if they enjoyed your services before, they may want to book with you again.

Availability Campaigns

ClinicSense will scan your calendar for availability and send an email to your clients with a summary of your availability and a prompt for them to book online. This simple reminder works

Birthday Campaigns

A nice customer service touch for your clients to let them know you’re thinking about them. You can optionally offer a promo as a small gift.

Referral Request Campaigns

Asking for referrals can feel awkward and it can be hard to keep on top of it. ClinicSense offers automated emails to ask for referrals and keep new clients flowing.

Google Review Booster

With ClinicSense, you can prompt your clients to leave you a review on Google to help increase your rating and reputation.

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Square Payment Device

Additionally, ClinicSense offers a direct integration with Square Payments and the Square Terminal Device for seamless payments

What You’ll Get With MindBody Starter Plan That You Won’t Get With ClinicSense Premium

While MassageBook offers these features that ClinicSense doesn’t that may be important to your business:

Product Inventory Tracking

Mindbody offers you the ability to track product inventory so you can monitor sales tracking and reordering.

Monthly Membership Management

Many independent massage therapists are starting to follow the franchise model where their customers will commit to one treatment every month for a year in exchange for a discounted rate on treatments. In this model, their credit card is billed automatically each month. If this is the business model that you use, MindBody has a feature to manage your memberships.

Event & Class Booking

MindBody has the option to offer your clients class and event bookings linked to your online schedule.

Payroll Reports

Mindbody allows you to export information on pay, tips and commission into their integrated payroll partners.


ClinicSense vs. Mindbody

Plan Type
Base Price
Price For Additional Practitioners
ClinicSense Lite
ClinicSense Standard
ClinicSense Premium
Mindbody Starter
Mindbody Accelerate
Mindbody Ultimate
MindBody Ultimate Plus

Mindbody also has additional fees not mentioned on their pricing page:

• There is a 20% fee for appointments booked via the Mindbody app ($20 fee on a $100 treatment)
• There is a 15% see for appointments booked via the Mindbody network partners ($15 fee on a $100 treatment)
• There is a 20% fee for appointments booked via Mindbody dynamic pricing ($20 fee on a $100 treatment)

What Is Right For You?

ClinicSense or Mindbody

After talking to customers of both ClinicSense and Mindbody, it seems the decision generally comes down to:


Choose ClinicSense if your business requires SOAP notes and intake forms


Choose Mindbody if your business is based around class and group bookings.

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