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SOAP Notes Software

Now you can have perfectly tailored SOAP notes for any occasion with our customizable SOAP note software.

Use one of our pre-built templates or build your digital SOAP note from scratch. 15 questions types including: short answer, multiple choice, pain scale, and more!

SOAP note software built for YOU

SOAP notes can be tedious and feel like busywork. They are often rushed between clients, or you’re forced to do your notes at the end of the day, when you’ve likely forgotten some of the details of the treatment, and when you’d rather be headed home to spend time with your family or get in a little self-care.

Our goal at ClinicSense is to make SOAP notes more manageable.
That means they should be quick to complete, flexible enough to handle any treatment you provide, and offer unparalleled consistency that only digital soap notes can offer.

You’ll find that insurance companies, physicians, lawyers, and other health & wellness practitioners love it when you send them a professional, detailed, and legible note (that only took you minutes to complete).

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SOAP notes templates

Pre-loaded SOAP notes templates to get you started

We start you off with our customers’ favorite SOAP note templates. You’ll have the freedom to customize them to your liking or you can build your own template to meet your needs

Build your own SOAP note templates from scratch!

Your business and your clients may have unique needs. Which is why you can design a treatment note specifically to your liking with ClinicSense.

Choose from 15 different question types, including: short answer, multiple choice, pain scale, and more! You can even create different treatment note templates for each different service you offer.

SOAP Notes display logic

Use display logic for an intuitive workflow

Your SOAP notes just got smarter with ClinicSense's display logic feature!

This feature allows you to display certain parts of your SOAP note depending on the client’s scenario. For example, you’ll only need to ask about the intensity of the client’s pain if you’ve recorded the reason for their visit is to relieve pain. This helps keep your notes tidy!

Point & Click Style Notes

Our notes are designed to mostly be “point and click”, which reduces the amount of typing you’ll have to do and the amount of time you’ll spend on SOAP notes each day

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Perfectly organized and stress free

Each client file has a section where your completed SOAP notes are neatly organized. The most recent SOAP note is listed first so the most relevant information is quickest to access.

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Overall rating 5/5

“Our clients find filling out the intake form and online booking very smooth. We get comments on how much our clients like the software regularly.”

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Miche Pouliot

Overall rating 5/5

“ClinicSense has made transitioning on my own very easy. I wouldn't be as organized as I am without this software so I have nothing but good things to say.”

Review by Kayla Schofield

Kayla Schofield

Overall rating 5/5

“ClinicSense has met all of my expectations and more. With a customer service that is both professional and personable, ClinicSense is a joy to work with and a great compliment to my business.”

Review by Heather massage therapist

Heather Wiebe

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