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Birthday emails

Make your clients feel special by showing them you care on their special day. With our Birthday Wishes email, your clients will automatically get an email from you on their birthday

Emailing clients on their birthday is a simple yet effective way to strengthen your relationship with them.

By acknowledging their special day, you demonstrate that you value them as individuals, not just as customers, and it fosters a sense of personal connection and appreciation.

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Practice management software Birthday message builder

Send clients a note on their special day

Use the ClinicSense email designer to create a birthday message for your clients. Choose your color theme, an eye catching image, and write your special message.

Never forget a birthday

Every day ClinicSense will scan your client list for upcoming birthdays and send them your personalized happy birthday message. Little touches like this can go a long way for building long-lasting relationships

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Practice management software Birthday message

Optionally include a promo

If you’d like to give your clients a small gift, you’ll have the option to include a promo code in the email for savings on their next treatment. Clients love the recognition and especially love receiving a small gift from you.

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