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Why you should use a template for SOAP notes

Looking for a fast and easy way to keep track of your treatment notes? You need a SOAP Note template.

A SOAP note template is a file that’s designed to be replicated, so all your documents look the same. Using a template saves A LOT of time, so you don’t have to create your notes from scratch.

Plus, using a SOAP note template will make your notes more consistent, and look more professional.

There may be times when you need to share information with other healthcare providers or insurance companies. The documentation you provide must look professional.

A SOAP Note template provides a framework for sharing information in a clean, concise and professional way.

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What should you include in a SOAP note template?

A SOAP note should include treatment plans and benchmarks like the reason for the client’s visit, your observations, treatment details, and a game plan for subsequent sessions. You might also include a couple of personal notes where appropriate. Check out some how to write a SOAP note examples below.

In addition to treatment notes, consider adding a section for personal notes. Results and relationships improve when you have a real connection with your clients. It’s a good idea to write down a couple things to jog your memory about who your client is. It could be a small detail about their life, family or work. Use it as a conversation starter next time you see them.

Try Customizable, Digital SOAP Notes For Free

Is client paperwork adding up? Are SOAP notes taking too long? Do you wish you could be more precise with your client treatment plans?  

It sounds like customizable SOAP notes software is right for you!

ClinicSense provides 3 types of SOAP notes templates to get you started + you can create your own from scratch with the customizable treatment note builder!

Now you can have a SOAP note for all scenarios - whether that’s a quick update or a fully detailed note and treatment plan.

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+ 3 Different SOAP notes styles depending on what you need.

Point & Click SOAP Note

Not into writing? Prefer pictures to words? Use this SOAP Note to quickly record your treatment notes with minimum fuss.

SOAP Note with “short codes”

Prefer written notes, but don’t want to take the time to write them all out? Use this SOAP Note to create written notes fast.

General SOAP Note

Prefer a blank slate? Use this SOAP Note to take a few quick notes or record extensive details.
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Not ready for online SOAP Notes?

Download our FREE SOAP Note template.

If you’re not ready for clinic management software yet, we can still help. We partnered with the American Massage Therapy Association to create this SOAP Note template. You can download it now, and start using it right away. Keep in mind, paper SOAP notes have their limitations.

They take time to organize.
You can’t automate them.
They take up physical space.
You have to keep paper and ink in stock.
Writing takes more time than a point and click.
You only have access to them when at the office.

If you're just getting started, those limitations may not pose a problem. However, as your business grows, that paper will start to pile up. Eventually, you’ll have more demands on your time and will need to simplify your systems. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck spending a lot of extra time organizing files and doing admin work. Those are minutes you don’t get paid for.

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