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Commitment, Connection & Consistency: Lindsay’s Strategy

Image of Lindsay
Lindsay Geiger
Lindsay knows exactly how she reached this level of success

She Specializes in Sports Massage Because She’s an Athlete

Lindsay always knew she wanted to be a massage therapist. She was introduced to massage therapy as part of an exchange program in the 8th grade. While visiting a local college, she learned that massage therapists often work for themselves and set their own hours. That’s all Lindsay needed to know. That’s what she was going to do when she grew up.

And she did. Since Lindsay is an athlete herself, it’s no surprise that she specializes in sports massage. After everything she’s learned, Lindsay wanted to re-educate athletes about rehabilitation. She wanted to be a part of the team that helped them succeed. Lindsay was made for this.

Getting started wasn’t easy, but things worth doing rarely are. She was committed to building her practice and consistently working on improving her skills. Lindsay stayed humble, asked for feedback, and worked hard.

In the early years, she worked at multiple clinics. Sometimes she needed more than one job to stay afloat. Navigating contracts and learning some things the hard way taught Lindsay how to succeed on her own.

Her Connections in the Industry Are Taking Her Big Places

A couple of years into her massage career, Lindsay started a mobile massage business, as a side hustle. She continued working her job at the clinic while she built her business. Her boss and mentor was the massage therapist for the Calgary Flames. He introduced her to some of the players.

That connection opened the door to Lindsay working with professional athletes. As the saying goes, it’s all about who you know. Once she had her foot in the door, she started making connections with more athletes and coaches. Eventually, Lindsay started getting hired to work at major sporting events, like the Pan Am Games and Para Pan Am Games.

Now, working at major sporting events is a big part of her massage business. Being the go-to for these big events has allowed Lindsay to pay it forward. When she’s hired for major tournaments and events, Lindsay hires massage therapists to assist her - helping them make their own connections. Her network is ever-expanding, and it’s those connections that fuel her massage business.

We asked Lindsay what her 5-year goal was. She didn’t hesitate to give this answer: 

"I’m definitely going to the Olympics in 5 years. That’s always been my goal."

Lindsay's Treatment Room

The Software That Ups Her Game

Running a massage business involves a lot of moving parts. Many of those parts involve software. Lindsay knows that if you have too many different software systems, things get complicated. That's why she uses ClinicSense.

Lindsay has a Wix website. Wix makes it easy to DIY a professional-looking website, but it’s not an all-in-one solution. Lindsay needs more than just a website.

She needs a way to send invoices, make SOAP notes, gather intake forms, as well as online scheduling and marketing. ClinicSense can do all that and more. Plus, it integrates with her website, so everything flows smoothly. 

"It’s very, very convenient. Everything is pre-done for me and sent out to my clients. That’s a huge win."

Using ClinicSense has freed up a lot of Lindsay’s time thanks to pre-made templates and automation. It even helps Lindsay grow as a therapist by gathering valuable feedback from her clients. 

Lindsay genuinely wants to know what her clients think of her service. She doesn’t just want praise. She wants to know how she can improve their experience. The ClinicSense Google Review Booster helps Lindsay get that valuable feedback. She uses it to market her practice and to provide better service. That feedback is helping Lindsay to up her game and do big things.
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