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Rosielyn Tapped Into Her Community To Establish Her Clinic

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Rosielyn Scherr
Being A Filipino In Ottawa Worked To Rosielyn’s Advantage

She Didn’t Know Anyone But She Had Connections

As a Filipino, Rosielyn felt destined to go into a medical profession, but the idea of working nurses' hours sounded miserable. When she moved to Canada and discovered massage therapy was covered by insurance, Rosielyn knew it was the career for her. She could help people, get paid well, and manage her time the way she wanted. 

After becoming an RMT, she took a job at a spa to gain confidence and experience. A colleague told her it would take 3 months for her body to acclimate to the work - because, let’s face it, being a massage therapist is hard on your body. After that break-in period, Rosielyn felt ready to reclaim her time and start her own practice.

The thing was, she didn’t know anybody in town. Where would she get clients?

It turns out there’s a strong Filipino community in her neighborhood. Rosielyn tapped into that community and joined their local Facebook group. She posted about massage therapy and started connecting with people in the group. That cultural connection was enough to kickstart word-of-mouth marketing for her services. 

Since she was starting a home-based clinic, Rosielyn also used the Nextdoor App to connect with her neighbors. Posting her services there gave her a lot of local visibility. It was unbelievably easy to get her name out there.

It Took Very Little Time To Build Her Home-Based Clinic

Things happened very fast for Rosielyn. Within two years, she became an RMT, bought a new house, and built a full-time massage practice in her home.

Just 3 months into her career, Rosielyn started accepting private clients. At first, it was just a few clients a week, but she kept building on that client base. Being home-based meant her target market was super local and very accessible.

After she started her practice, Rosielyn printed 100 flyers advertising massage therapy and stapled her business card to each one. Her husband put them in their nearest neighbors mailboxes. Her goal was to get 3 clients. Word spread quickly that there was a massage therapist in the neighborhood. 

Those few clients turned into 30 clients a week, from all over Ottawa and beyond. Was it luck or pure passion that created her quick success? Her clients will tell you it’s her passion for massage therapy, and Rosielyn will tell you she feels lucky.

Now, it’s all about maintaining. She enjoys the work she does and the level of success she’s reached. That’s all she needs. If you had asked Rosielyn 2 years ago what she’d be doing today, she’d have said “doing relaxation massage in a spa.” Instead, she’s doing deep work in her treatment room and in her community, thriving all on her own.

Rosielyn Treatment Room

ClinicSense Has Been a Lifesaver

In the early days of her business, Rosielyn didn’t use booking software. Instead, she spent a lot of time communicating with clients: returning phone calls, sending messages, scheduling appointments, and sending appointment reminders. 

Then there were all the financials to track. At the end of the year, clients would start asking for copies of receipts and doing invoices manually was a pain. Let’s not even talk about tax time.

“I wish I had tried ClinicSense from the first day I started.” 

Using ClinicSense changed everything for Rosielyn. The booking software freed up hours of her week, for less than the cost of her hourly fee. Now, clients book their appointments online, reminders are sent automatically, and there’s no more phone tag taking up Rosielyn’s time.

“All my clients say they LOVE ClinicSense. It’s so easy to book.”

She uses ClinicSense to share her availability with clients monthly, so they can take advantage of last-minute openings - all without lifting a finger outside of her treatment room. Everybody loves this.

Another big bonus is that tax time and end-of-the-year accounting is no longer a stress point. ClinicSense tracks and organizes all the data for her. The reporting features have changed her relationship with the business aspect of her practice.

“Now I don’t have to worry. ClinicSense does it all for me.”

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