2016 MT Dream Practice Giveaway

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March 26, 2023

This year, ClinicSense is proud to be a partner in the MT Dream Practice Giveaway, brought to you by Biotone and Massage Magazine. The contest is free to enter and prizes include:

  1. $5,000 Cash
  2. 5 Years Massage Liability Insurance, online CEUs & MASSAGE Magazine Subscription
  3. BIOTONE – 1 Year Supply Massage & Spa Products
  4. Personalized Business Coaching with expert Cherie Sohnen-Moe
  5. 3B Deluxe Massage Table, sheet sets, Fleece set, cremes, Table carts, Bolsters, anatomy charts, various massage tools, and Kinesiology 3B Tape
  6. Body Support Systems – bodyCushion
  7. Learn with James Waslaskis Orthopedic Massage & Center for Pain Management
  8. Earthlite® – Figure Fit Massage Table, Earthlite® ~ UV Hot towel cabinet, Traveler table cart, Stool and bolster
  9. ClinicSense One-year subscription to the ClinicSense Pro Plan


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What inspired the Giveaway?

Students often leave school without the financial resources to further develop their practice. Massage Therapists who have also been in business may lack further education or coaching on how to best market their services and attract more clients. The Dream Practice Giveaway demonstrates a full range of products and services a successful massage therapist would utilize to create the Dream Practice they always envisioned. The MT Dream Practice Giveaway is open to enrolled massage therapy students and practicing massage therapists, the co-sponsored giveaway will provide one lucky winner with a prize package valued at $15,000 that includes $5,000 in cash, the winner will receive a selection of business tools, technology, coaching, massage equipment, accessories and products to help establish his or her highly successful massage therapy practice.

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