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Have A Laugh: We Write Back To Scammers

Updated on
July 7, 2016

There has been a very popular scam going around the last few months. If you haven't heard of it before, let this be a heads up, if you have, you know where this is going... The scam usually involves someone paying you for several treatments upfront (usually they say it's for their employees) - the amount is in the thousands, so it's tempting. The scam is that they overpay you by a few hundred dollars because they want you to send money to another service provider who does not take credit card - usually a driver, as is the case in our conversation below. BUT they then cancel the payment they made to you... and you're out a few hundred dollars.

We thought it was time someone messed with them a bit... so we wrote back :) He didn't seem to mind some of our ridiculous suggestions!

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