paper massage soap notes

A Major Stress for Any Therapist

When it comes to SOAP notes, massage therapists face two major pain points:

Writing A Treatment Note
The time and effort that goes into proper client documentation is not only time consuming but it is also reported as one of the least favorite parts of a therapist’s job.

Maintaining Records
A paper-based filing system with multiple filing cabinets not only takes up significant space but can be a source of stress if not carefully managed and organized.

online massage soap notes

ClinicSense SOAP Notes is Your Solution

With our online SOAP notes software, we solve both of these time-draining issues:

Autofill Capabilities
Have a client coming in for a recurring issue? With ClinicSense there's no need to re-write your note or write the frowned upon "SALT" (same as last time). Simply hit the "Copy Note" button, make any changes needed and you're good to go!

Secure Online File Storage
With all of your files securely stored on our servers, you free up office space and file access is a breeze - you can bring up a past note in the click of a button. We also do hourly backups of your notes and keep them safe with security measures like firewalls and encryption.