paper massage soap notes

A Major Stress for Any Therapist

When it comes to SOAP notes, massage therapists face two major pain points:

Writing A Treatment Note
The time and effort that goes into proper client documentation is not only time consuming but it is also reported as one of the least favorite parts of a therapist’s job.

Maintaining Records
A paper-based filing system with multiple filing cabinets not only takes up significant space but can be a source of stress if not carefully managed and organized.

online massage soap notes online massage soap notes online massage soap notes


Clinical SOAP Note

There’s no writing. There’s no typing. Simply answer a few questions with a point & click and we’ll transform your responses to a finalized note.

This brand new approach to SOAP notes has major benefits, including: (1) it takes significantly less time to complete a note (2) your notes are incredibly consistent - which is especially useful for clinics with multiple practitioners and (3) your finalized note is organized, legible, detailed, and professional.

Basic SOAP note

This is a more traditional style SOAP note. You can mark up the image of the muscular system (or choose from several other images) by adding "body tags". An annotated image is great for visual people. Additionally, use the four text areas - Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan - to record more detailed notes.

As with all of our SOAP note templates, you can easily refer to or copy past notes.

General SOAP Note

Great for those that like to work with a blank slate. This note features a large text area where you can write in your own format. This is ideal for practitioners who do not use the SOAP format.