point & click SOAP note

Point & Click SOAP Note

There’s no writing. There’s no typing. Simply answer a few questions with a point & click and we’ll transform your responses to a finalized note.

This new approach to SOAP notes has major benefits, it is: Fast, Easy, Legible, Consistent, Detailed, and Professional

online massage SOAP notes

SOAP Note With "Short Codes"

For those that prefer to write their note instead of using point & click, we've created "short codes" to make your note writing fast!

Simply type your short code (example: type "p1") and we'll convert it into it's corresponding long form (example: "Client reports the pain is a 1/10").

In this template, you can mark up the image of the muscular system (or choose from several other images) and use the four text areas - Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan - to record more detailed notes.

general SOAP note

General SOAP Note

Great for those that like to work with a blank slate. This note features a large text area where you can write in your own format. This is ideal for practitioners who do not use the SOAP format and also features our "short codes" feature.