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10 Tips to Show Your Appreciation To Massage Employees

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May 8, 2023

In an interview with Inc., Virgin founder Richard Branson shared his secret to success: putting employees first. Branson says that placing the needs of your employees ahead of those of even shareholders and customers is the key to creating a top performing organization. Why? Because when your staff feels appreciated and part of a team, they are more productive. Your employees are a powerful component of your massage therapy practice’s success.


Happy employees also provide better customer service. In the McKinsey & Company article, The secret to delighting customers: Putting employees first, the authors note that despite many technological advances, customer service still depends largely on personal engagement. When you show your staff that they are valued members of your team, they’ll have the motivation they need to provide the kind of above-and-beyond customer service that will make your business stand out.


To get the best from your employees, begin with creating an organizational culture that values each member’s contribution. Additionally, when your business has a reputation for fostering innovation and personal development, you’ll be positioned to hire and retain highly skilled and dedicated employees.


Demonstrating your commitment to your employees can be accomplished in many different ways. Encouraging open communication and regularly offering thanks for a job well done are just two ways that you can begin to foster a positive business culture. Recognition, rewards, and career development support are also excellent ways to show your staff that you care.


Author Chris Rhatigan, writing for employee engagement platform, TinyPulse, reminds us that recognition should be frequent, specific, and personal. Recognize each employee, not just all employees. He also notes that it is OK to have a little fun when you show your appreciation. Deliver a surprise singing telegram or have a party for no reason. Think of something your employees will enjoy. (Hint: It isn’t a certificate you printed from your computer).


If you don’t have an intentional employee appreciation program for your massage therapy practice, you are missing out on the opportunity to nurture and retain your best staff members. You may also be missing out on the benefits that providing top-of-the-line customer service brings. Remember, when your employees are happy they enjoy making your customers happy.


So, are you ready to show your employees the love? Below we’ve shared some quick and easy ideas to get you started.


10 Awesome and Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas

  1. Invite an employee to lunch to personally express your appreciation.
  2. Purchase a gift card for a local, unique business and deliver it along with a handwritten note of thanks to your employee.
  3. Send flowers to your front desk staff along with a personal gift for each member of the team.
  4. Try something unusual. This employee appreciation vendor offers beautiful painted tokens that you can pair with a gift card or written acknowledgement.
  5. Gamify your appreciation by awarding staff members thanks in the form of points that can be traded in for prizes, time off, or other rewards of their choosing.
  6. Speaking of time off -- who doesn’t like a little extra vacation? Paid hours off is a great way to reward an employee’s extra hard work.
  7. Set aside funds each month and save up to throw a staff party sometime other than the holidays. Schedule a summer BBQ or a spring park day for your staff.
  8. What about that coveted parking spot? Choose an employee who has gone above and beyond and give them their choice of reserved spaces.
  9. Recognize your employees publicly. Whether in a newspaper advertisement or in person when speaking with your clients, tell people that you couldn’t succeed without a great team.
  10. Pay for your employee to attend a conference that will help them develop a skill in which they’ve shown interest.

If you’d like even more ideas, check out this amazing list of 52 Epic Ways to Reward Your Employees created by the staff at Insperity. You’ll be sure to be inspired by their great ideas.


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