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Engagement Tips: Client Engagement Strategy

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April 30, 2024

client engagement strategy


Loyal customers are a powerful growth engine for any business. But in today’s competitive market, it takes more than just doing a good job to nurture customer loyalty. Modern customers view brands holistically, examining every aspect of their relationship with a business when deciding which ones have earned their loyalty. They seek businesses that deliver top-notch services and with which they feel personally connected. Lose that connection, and you may lose your client to a competing massage business. 


But don’t worry, maintaining your customer relationships isn’t difficult. 


In this article, we’ll explain how you can engage with your clients between appointments to ensure that when they think about booking a massage, it's you that they call.

Customer engagement builds lasting value 

Does engaging with your clients between appointments really pay off? Yes! 


Maintaining your client relationships increases your customer retention rates (reducing churn) and your revenue. Your most engaged clients are also the ones most likely to bring new customers to your door through their referrals and recommendations. 


According to one recent study, when you message your customers using at least one channel such as texting, social media, or email, you’ll keep them 3 times longer, and they are likely to spend nearly 10 times as much with you as a customer who receives no messages. 


The same study found that brands that communicated with their customers using two channels increased their customers’ lifetime value (CLTV) by 4.2 times and their customer retention rates by 76%

What kinds of messages will engage your clients?

What kinds of communication do your clients want from you? 


The answer may depend on the channel. 


For example, text messaging is one of the best ways to reach many consumers. But not every text message is equally valuable to your clients. 


Text messages that remind them of upcoming appointments, update the status of a delivery, offer them a great discount, or quickly answer their questions are among their favorites. Keep this in mind when you plan your messaging strategy.


When it comes to longer communications such as newsletters or blogs, your clients want to see information that helps them by showing them how to use a product, improve their lives or make better choices. Use blogs and newsletters to introduce new products, explain at-home wellness techniques, or answer commonly asked questions about the treatments you offer or massage practices in general. 


Email messages offer you much flexibility when it comes to sending valuable messages. You can use your email to distribute a newsletter that combines educational information with new product alerts or discounts, send a simple update, deliver a birthday greeting, share a link to your blog or ask for feedback. 


On social media, remember the name of the game is interaction. Like your other channels, you’ll want to deliver value through the form of educational content and offers or promotions. But, you can also share user-generated content (USG), such as an image of a client’s favorite workout setup, healthy meal or their review of your business. 


Social media is a great place to ask your clients questions. Create a poll or use a branded or topic-specific hashtag to invite your clients to join in an interactive conversation with you and one another. 

Start engaging and building customer loyalty today

How can you get started with your engagement program right away? 


Invite your clients to follow you on social media and add links to your social media pages to your webpage and email footer so that you are easy to find. Then, post content on social media or publish an article on your blog. 


For email and text communications, ClinicSense’s automation makes much of the process of relationship maintenance low-maintenance for you. 


Use our software to send event-triggered emails such as birthday discounts to your clients and create newsletters and other email messages to send to your entire client list. 

Maintain your customer relationships with engaging communications

Like any good relationship, your connection to your customers hinges on good communication. To stay top of mind with your massage clients, you can’t wait for them to contact you. Maintain their attention and keep the relationship momentum going by reaching out to them regularly. Don’t just get in touch when you want something, but use a variety of communication channels to deliver valuable information to them. 


Looking for more ways to build your customer retention rates? Check out our free ebook, the Loyal Customer Generator. It includes tips for building loyalty into every step of the customer journey.

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