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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Fill Your Calendar

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June 12, 2023

Once your business has re-opened, there will still be uncertainty.


On one hand, think of all of the clients that were in the middle of a treatment plan when this hit, the number of people experiencing the highest levels of stress in their lives, and those who are not getting the amount of daily movement they are used to and are in pain. There is a world of people out there who will need the massage community more than ever and you will have the opportunity to step up and help in a big way when your doors are back open. Given that, you may get a flood of appointment requests...


...but on the other hand, some clients will still be hesitant to book. We wanted to share some strategies with you to help fill your calendar with appointments. We'll break this up into two emails so it's easier to digest.


Reassure your clients

The first step is to send an email to all of your clients. Clearly outline everything you're doing to keep your work environment safe. This can include details on how you are cleaning between sessions, changes you've made to your treatment or waiting room, implementing touchless payments & forms, and that you are prescreening each client.


Call or text people who cancelled

You probably had to cancel many appointments during COVID-19. This should be the first group of people that you reach out to because they are the most likely to book a treatment. Call or text them, tell them the date you’ll be open again, and ask them when they would like to reschedule their appointment.


Call or text your regulars

Your regulars are going to be ecstatic that you’re open again. For any regulars who you didn’t reach out to (because they didn’t have a cancelled appointment), call or text them, tell them when you’ll be opening again, and let them know that as a regular they are getting access before you open your calendar to all of your customers. If they were coming in on a weekly or a monthly basis before, make sure you get them back onto the same schedule.

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