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Brittany Foti

Valor Massage uses ClinicSense to manage their niche clientele

Valor Massage Got Started By Working On Soldiers

Owner Brittany Foti’s first private massage client was a young man who was going through selection for the army. He was injured, and he didn’t want anyone to know. Fortunately, it was only a soft tissue injury. He didn’t need medicine or surgery. Instead, he needed someone who could treat it manually and discreetly. This was the beginning of what would become Valor Massage.

Valor Massage is a medical massage practice in a small community near Fort Bragg. Their therapists specialize in working with athletes and military personnel in training or recovering from training and deployment. They also treat people in the community suffering from chronic pain and tension.

Today, the practice includes two massage therapists, a stretch tech, and two physical therapists. Services include massage, spinal manipulation, and dry needling. Their clients appreciate the multidisciplinary approach to natural pain relief.

They Use ClinicSense To Manage Day-To-Day Operations

Since Valor Massage is a medical practice, there’s a lot of paperwork. They require HIPAA-compliant software to create, store and organize it all. ClinicSense is an all-in-one clinic management software company for massage therapists.

ClinicSense makes small work of their complex and growing business.

  • Clients can book online, and the software automatically sends confirmations, reminders, and the appropriate intake forms.
  • Therapists can easily manage their schedules and create SOAP Notes with just a few clicks.
  • The automated email campaigns make marketing the practice a breeze.
  • Square integrates with ClinicSense, so they can take payments online and keep credit cards on file.

“Having all our notes in one place is great. Plus, we can all see each other's schedules, so there are no scheduling clashes.”

How Square’s Integration with ClinicSense Streamlines the Sales Process

In business, it’s important for systems to be easy to use internally and externally. In the massage business, clients want the process to be fast, simple, and easy to understand. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how the therapists want it too.

Here’s how Square and ClinicSense work together to make that happen:

ClinicSense allows clients to book online and then sends the appropriate intake forms.
Square collects payment information at the time of booking.

ClinicSense allows therapists to create and share cancellation policies.
Square helps enforce those policies by holding the client’s credit card information.

ClinicSense can create recurring appointments for clients who need several sessions.
Square can save their payment information, so they don’t need to checkout each time.

ClinicSense can send custom invoices to clients.
Square allows clients to pay with just the click of a button.

ClinicSense creates custom massage gift certificates to sell online.
Square makes those online purchases possible.

“When I learned I could plug the two together, for someone who doesn’t know a lot about business, it made things so much easier.”

Square Offers a High-Tech Solution For Low-Tech People

You won’t meet many massage therapists who describe themselves as techies. That’s true for the therapists at Valor Massage. Their focus is on people, pain, and personal interactions. That’s where they shine. However, they need technology to support their business.

Square makes accepting payments online and in person easy. It’s so intuitive even the less-than-tech-savvy can manage it like a pro. In addition, the financial reports make it easy to see how the business is doing with just the click of a button.

The therapists at Valor Massage can fix you if you throw out your back, but understanding complex software is not their forte. Square is easy to set up, offers everything they need, and requires almost no time to learn how to use it. When you get paid by the minute, time really is money.

“Square is a very intuitive company. They make it really easy for me. I’m lucky if I can turn my phone on – But I'm able to use Square, AND I understand it!”

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