Starting A Massage Business With The End Goal In Mind

Christopher Brown

Christopher Is A Man On A Mission

He Turned His Downtime Into A New Career

For many people, massage therapy is a second career. For Christopher, it’s a fifth. He’s been around the block a few times, and he has a lifetime of experience under his belt. He spent 15 years in building and construction, and 20 years in automotive doing diagnostics and repairs. Then, he turned both those careers into successful businesses.

When the pandemic hit, things slowed down. Everyone around him seemed to be going back to school or changing careers. Christopher didn’t have specific plans to do that, but then an ad for a massage program caught his eye. Why not spend his newfound free time learning a new skill?

Going from working on autobodies to human bodies may seem like an unlikely shift, but Christopher had been dabbling in myofascial release and trigger point therapy on his own for a while. He didn’t have any formal training, but he discovered these techniques when trying to recover from recent injuries. He used them to heal himself. Going to school for massage therapy would give him the skills he needed to share that experience with other people.

"My driving force has been finding people who need help and helping them"

So, that’s what he did, and it turned into yet another successful career. Christopher will tell you that all the systems in his various careers, whether mechanical or anatomical, aren't that different. They have a lot in common and his motivation has always been the same: finding people who need help and helping them.

Now He’s Building Another Business

As a kid, Christopher had a dream to be the best boss ever. He’s been working towards that goal ever since. He’s in the process of executing that goal, right now. Christopher is currently a solo-practitioner. By this time next year, he plans to have at least one massage therapist working for him.

He opened his massage practice 6 months ago. At the outset, he created systems for how the practice would work. Those systems facilitate attracting and retaining clients, as well as managing the daily operations of the business. Those systems work. His practice is growing steadily.

Systems are important when you’re building a small empire. Christopher doesn't plan on working in this business for long. Instead, he plans to build the practice into a small team of practitioners serving the community and helping people live healthier lives. That’s why he’s investing time in working on his business. 

With his systems in place and the right marketing strategies, Christopher will soon shift out of the role of practitioner and into being the best boss ever. The ultimate goal is for the massage business to run without him. Right now, he’s taking it one client at a time, but he’s confident he’ll meet that end goal within a couple years.

ClinicSense Is An Integral Part of His Operations

Managing an office and running a business are not new skills for Christopher. He has years of experience doing both. That’s why he started researching clinic management software before he was even out of school. It’s a key element of running a successful massage business.

“Keeping track of all the clients and what they paid me, all that stuff is REALLY critical.”

Christopher has been using ClinicSense from day one, but it’s not the only software he’s tried. He likes to understand his options; so he took advantage of several free trials to see what other platforms had to offer. In the end, ClinicSense was the best fit for his practice. It’s easy to use, HIPAA compliant, has SOAP notes, and eliminates the need for a receptionist thanks to online booking. 

“I’ve tried 3 or 4 of the competitors, and none of them bring all that ClinicSense brings.”

ClinicSense is an integral part of his daily operations. It’s a system that makes managing the practice so much easier, whether it’s just him or a whole team of massage therapists.

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