Making Connections: The Key to Dena’s Success

Dena Paull

Dena knows her ideal client

It’s Not a Competition

One of Dena’s first massage therapy jobs was working at a spa with a sliding pay scale. The therapist who did the most massages and retained the most clients got booked first. This system caused a need for therapists to compete with one another. Dena wasn’t interested in playing that game. She’d much rather connect clients to the right therapist.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as the best massage therapist. Every therapist is different, and every client needs something different. Dena understood that. That’s why she didn’t push clients to rebook with her if their needs didn’t match her skill set. Instead, she referred them to a therapist who was a better fit.

Massage therapy is about making people feel good, and that’s her first priority. Dena learned that referring clients to other massage therapists builds trust. The rapport she builds with clients brings them back to her when their needs change. It also builds trust with other massage therapists in her community. Dena has colleagues, not competitors.

Accepting that her style of massage isn’t for everyone, frees Dena from trying to please everyone. Instead, she works with people who love her technique. It is so much more fulfilling working only with people excited about what you do. Plus, it’s helped Dena build a community between herself and fellow massage therapists.

It’s Not All About Money, but Money Does Matter

Eventually, Dena realized she couldn’t uphold her values and have career longevity working for someone else. The spa wanted her to see as many massage clients as possible every day. Her bank account agreed with the spa.

The thing is, money was never the driving force for Dena. She loves massage therapy. It’s the most fulfilling work she’s ever done. She wants her career to last a long time.

She recognized she needed to pace herself to prevent burnout. That meant setting boundaries and finding a different way.

“I hope I can do this for the rest of my life.”

Starting her own business was the obvious next step. She’d earn more money working for herself. So, she could afford to see fewer clients. She could create her own schedule and control her workload. Most importantly, there’d be no one pushing her to do more than she should.

It wasn’t easy. Starting a business required a type of self-promotion she’d never done before. Advertising made her uncomfortable, but she did it anyway. Dena learned to put herself out there, even when she felt silly.

It paid off. She’s built a successful practice, all by herself.

Dena wants to eventually have a bigger space with multiple treatment rooms. Her dream is to have a community of independent therapists working and learning together. People with various talents and skills, being there for each other through the ups and downs of business. Mentoring new massage therapists has become a passion of hers. It’s easy to see how her long-term career plans will come together.

Bird Nest Treatment Room

Dena Ditched Paperwork and Invested in Software

Dena’s worked in the health and beauty industry since she was a teenager. Before she became a massage therapist, she was a receptionist at a day spa. Using their booking system taught her how to manage a massage business.

When Dena got serious about building her massage practice, she knew she needed clinic management software. The various spas she’d previously worked at all used the same software. She planned to use that software because she was familiar with it. Then, she saw the price tag, and it was clear she needed to shop around.

Online booking was essential because Dena hates talking on the phone. Her goal was to eliminate 100% of her paperwork and make everything digital. That means digital intake forms, SOAP notes, and invoicing.

ClinicSense can do all that and more. Dena tried the free trial. Before using it with clients, she had her not-so-tech-savvy parents try it. She had her friends try it. Everyone said it was easy to use. Plus, ClinicSense can automate some of her dreaded marketing tasks. That’s a bonus she wasn’t expecting.

It’s a perfect fit for Dena’s business. ClinicSense is designed specifically for massage therapists. It has features she wouldn’t get with other spa software.

“The SOAP notes are the best part, obviously.”

Plus, it’s half the price of the other software. Dena makes sure all her massage friends know about it.

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