A Holistic Approach: Dr. Scott's Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Scott Wilson

Dr. Scott doesn’t treat symptoms. He advocates for health.

A Passion for Health Led to Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Wilson knew he was on the wrong path when he opened his first health textbook in undergrad. Chapter one was about heart disease. Chapter two was about cancer. This wasn’t a book about health. It was a book about disease.

He wasn’t interested in disease. He was interested in helping people live healthy lives. Diagnosing diseases and treating symptoms wasn’t what he wanted to do. That realization made it clear he didn’t want to go into the medical business. Instead, he became a chiropractor.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Scott provides a greater sense of well-being and improves the function of bodies. He teaches and inspires practice members to live a healthier lifestyle. There’s a big difference between improving health and fighting disease.

"Chiropractic is about what’s powerful in people, not what’s wrong with people.”

Dr. Scott has a private practice located directly across from the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia, Pa. There, he shares his enthusiasm for health and well-being with his community.

A Clinic That Facilitates Wellness for Practice Members and Practitioner

When he purchased his practice 32 years ago, Dr. Scott had just finished school and started a family. It was a lot to take on at the time, but he had the formula to succeed.

Every day, he woke up, did the work, lived according to his values, and provided a much-needed service. He practiced integrity and developed the resilience required to succeed. That effort resulted in a practice that fuels his spirit, his bank account, and his community.

There’s a large part of the profession that wants to make chiropractic more medicalized. That’s never been Dr. Scott’s objective. He recognizes the importance of good medical care and medicine, but that’s not his purpose. Dr. Scott’s mission is promoting health and maintaining his own healthy lifestyle. It’s easier for him to do that without interference from insurance companies and with the help of Clinicsense.

Dr. Scott runs a solo-practice with the help of an office manager and clinic management software. It’s a simple and effective operation.

He enjoys an active lifestyle, plenty of free time, and a thriving practice. At 70 years old, Dr. Scott is still excited about his work and making a huge impact on the lives of his practice members.

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The Software Works When He Doesn’t

Up until 2016, Dr. Scott used pencil and paper for every aspect of managing his practice. It was A LOT of paper. He needed a better process. Then, he discovered ClinicSense.

“I was more sure of ClinicSense than I was of myself.”

ClinicSense completely changed the way he did business. It not only eliminated all that paper, but it also freed him from his business. With online scheduling, practice members can book their own appointments, without calling the office.

That means while he’s out on his morning run, practice members are booking appointments. When he is catching waves at the Jersey shore, practice members are booking appointments. When he’s enjoying time with family, practice members are booking appointments.

"All that takes place while I’m out having fun. That’s what ClinicSense does for me. My business is happening when I’m not there.”

Dr. Scott also uses the SOAP notes on ClinicSense. They are tailored to fit the needs of his practice. It doesn’t take much time to do his charting. He likes to keep things simple and appreciates how easy it is to use.

The software does the work of managing his practice. Dr. Scott does the work of caring for his practice members.

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