Word Of Mouth: How Heidi Safely Grew Her Home-Based Business

Heidi Ward

Heidi overcame some big challenges when starting her business.

She Was New in Town and Had Zero Clients

A couple years after becoming an RMT, Heidi moved to a new town and decided to start a massage therapy business inside her house. She had the perfect setup for a home-based clinic. Clients could come in through the back door. Then, go directly down to her treatment room in the basement, without passing through her personal space.

There was one major obstacle. Having just moved to town, she didn’t know anyone. How would she get the word out about her business? Not only that but how would she filter out questionable clients? Working out of her home posed a safety issue that Heidi wasn’t sure how to combat. Was it really a good idea to invite strangers into her home, while she was there alone?

Despite the uncertainty, one thing was for sure: Heidi would succeed at this. Starting her own practice was always her plan. Working from home was the best option for the life she wanted. Heidi was planning to start a family. She would need the convenience and flexibility of a home-based practice.

Heidi opened her business in February of 2020, which was another problem. Two weeks after her business opened, the world shut down. Her college announced that it wasn't safe to practice massage therapy, due to the outbreak of Covid-19. This was going to be harder than she thought.

Today, She’s So Busy She’s Not Accepting New Clients

Heidi recognized that she couldn’t force her practice into existence. Building a successful business wouldn’t happen overnight. She’d have to bide her time, market strategically, and let the quality of her work do the talking for her.

Once she was allowed to resume practicing, Heidi made a plan to get her business off the ground. The biggest hurdle was finding a way to market herself only to trustworthy people. Her ideal clients would have benefits, recognize the value of massage therapy, and be able to afford it.

Her husband worked as a nurse at the local hospital. He offered to put up an ad in the breakroom. Nurses were the perfect prospects. This idea quickly turned into a steady stream of clients. It started out as her husband's co-workers, but soon after that, the referrals started rolling in.

Instead of focusing on business marketing, Heidi focused on delivering results. Knowing she was making a difference in people’s lives felt good. Being able to relieve someone’s pain or improve their range of motion fueled her passion for massage. Turns out, that’s all you need to do to get clients to refer their friends, family, and patients.

Word-of-mouth marketing grew Heidi’s business. Progress was slow and steady. Now, a few years later, Heidi is at capacity. She has so many clients, she can’t take on any new ones.

Her life is shaping up just as she planned. Not only is her business successful, but it lends her enough time to live life as she sees fit. Heidi loves being at home with her son. She can come upstairs between clients to make dinner or play with her son during her break. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Heidi's Certificates

The Software That Keeps Her Client’s Information Safe

In school, Heidi learned how to document client notes on paper. She also learned about information privacy protection laws. The truth was, she was a little intimidated by finding a way to ensure compliance.

“Before I used ClinicSense, I had all kinds of problems with storing client information. When you use paper, it has to be behind a lock and key because it’s private health information.”

Having a big heavy filing cabinet and mounds of paper wasn’t practical. Heidi knew she wanted to go digital. It was essential to find software that met every standard of compliance. It also needed to be easy to use.

Heidi had used different software systems while working in other clinics, and she felt overwhelmed by them. She was a massage therapist with limited time to learn new technical skills. She needed software that was intuitive, compliant, and designed for massage therapists.

ClinicSense fit the bill. It’s the easiest software she’s ever used. It organizes all her paperwork for her and makes admin work simple. It meets the security standards for a medical practice, and she can create her SOAP notes faster than she ever could on paper. It’s freed her from her desk, so she has more time upstairs with her family.

“It’s had a huge impact on my business and my life.”

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