How A Small Business With Big Dreams Leveraged Square

Jessica Kowallis

Deep Kneads Massage uses ClinicSense + Square to manage their growing business

Deep Kneads Massage Started With a Dream

From a young age, Jessica Kowallis was a dreamer and a planner. She’s always been certain of 3 things: She wants to be a mom. She wants a career helping people and enough free time to be actively involved in her family.

A massage therapy business checks all the boxes. Owning her own business would give her the flexibility she wants and the income she needs. After getting her massage license, Jessica took her time to gain the necessary experience and saved money to open her own practice.

In 2018, Jessica took the plunge and opened a solo-massage practice. She created a 5-year business plan and hit her 5-year goal in just 2 years. Then, in 2020, business exploded, and she opened Deep Kneads Massage.

Her new goal became building a team of massage therapists with different specialties. Her team would be able to help more people with a wider variety of needs. Today, that’s exactly what Deep Kneads Massage is - a whole team of highly skilled massage therapists treating a wide variety of people and ailments.

ClinicSense Helped Bring That Dream To Life

Deep Kneads Massage started out using paper forms, calling for appointments, and cash payments. Jessica quickly realized this system was holding her back. She invested in ClinicSense to manage her appointment bookings and client files. It completely changed the way she did business and quickly increased the number of clients she had.

ClinicSense helped the business grow by making it more accessible.

  • Clients no longer have to leave a voicemail or send a text to make an appointment.
  • Integrating online bookings on the website attracts new clients.
  • The therapists on her team don’t have to dig through filing cabinets to search for client records. Everything they need is just a click away.
  • They ensured people’s safety during the pandemic by automatically sending Covid Pre-Screening forms to clients before their appointments.

“Switching to ClinicSense and moving appointment booking online really increased how many people booked appointments each week.”

Deep Kneads Building

Square’s Integration With ClinicSense Helped The Practice Grow At A Rapid Rate

When ClinicSense partnered with Square, it took Deep Kneads Massage to the next level. Online payments, scheduling, and client records were all together. That made for quick checkouts and less time spent on admin. Less time on admin means more time making money.

Here’s how Square and ClinicSense work together to generate more revenue with less work.

ClinicSense integrates with the company website so that clients can book online.
Square integrates with ClinicSense so that clients can pay online.

ClinicSense requires people to sign a cancellation consent form when they book.
Square collects their credit card information, so that the cancellation policy can be enforced.

ClinicSense sets up recurring appointments for regular clients.
Square saves their payment information, so people are in and out.

“Square is my preferred credit card processing provider. When ClinicSense partnered with Square, my payments and my bookings got easier to manage.”

Square Ensures Therapists Get Paid, Even When Clients Don’t Show Up

Massage therapists only get paid for the massage services they provide. The rest of their time spent at work is unpaid. In a perfect world, massage therapists’ schedules stay fully booked, and everyone shows up. But, unfortunately, the world we live in is not perfect.

Clients cancel at the last minute because things come up. Sometimes, clients don’t cancel at all. Instead, they no-show. The time allotted for that missed appointment is a financial loss. It’s an hour another client would have happily paid for.

Deep Kneads Massage was experiencing a high rate of cancellations and no-shows. They averaged 20 missed appointments a week. That’s the equivalent of an entire week of work for one massage therapist! This was happening despite charging a cancellation fee.

The solution: Require clients to pay for appointments in advance. Square makes pre-payments possible. They stopped worrying about cancellations when they changed their policy. When they started requiring clients to pre-pay for their sessions, cancellations and no-shows decreased immediately.

“Square allows us to take pre-payments. Requiring people to pay in advance has decreased cancellations and no-shows by 30%.

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Business With The ClinicSense X Square Integration?

ClinicSense is proud to partner with Square; and currently, if you sign up for Square using ClinicSense, you will receive free processing on a select amount. Check out the Square Terminal integration page here!

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