Mom & Business Owner: How Juliana Balances It All

Juliana De Lacerda

Juliana’s top priority is spending time with her kids.

Building a Life Around Her Core Values

Family is important to Juliana. Her kids won’t be young forever, and she doesn’t want to miss a precious moment. Pursuing her own passions is also important. That’s why Juliana dedicates time to both. She’s struck a balance between family life, mental health, and financial stability.

Juliana was introduced to massage therapy as a young girl. She was living in Brazil, and her mother often invited a massage therapist to the house to treat the family. This natural way of bringing health to the household was a way of life in Brazil.

When Juliana moved to Canada, it took her a while to discover that her new country embraces the same holistic approach to wellness. Of course, Juliana already knew how beneficial massage is, but she was most impressed by how professional the massage therapists were. It made her see that, in Canada, there’s room for massage therapists alongside chiropractors and physiotherapists.

After her first massage in her new home, Juliana was both relieved and excited. She knew massage therapy was the right career path for her. The flexible hours would give her more time with her family, and she’d be doing work that truly matters. Sharing this gift with the world is what she’s meant to do.

After becoming an RMT, Juliana worked in a massage clinic treating people with a variety of ailments. She saw firsthand how clinical massage facilitates healing. Then, she worked in a spa for a bit and loved the luxuriousness of total relaxation, which also facilitates healing. Juliana dreamed of blending those two experiences together in her own practice.

Building a Professional Home-Based Business

In 2016, Juliana opened Pure Flow Massage Therapy. It’s a micro-business she runs out of her basement, but it’s not the side hustle you might expect. Juliana turned the lower level of her home into a spa with a massage room and sauna.

Clients are always blown away by this space inside her home. Between the private entrance, dedicated parking, and the whole spa atmosphere, they don’t feel like a guest in Juliana’s house. They’re in a real spa.

Professionalism is the cornerstone of Juliana’s business. She embraced the challenges that come with building a home-based massage business, and she overcame every single one. Juliana set high standards, and she sticks to them. She also sets boundaries.

Juliana doesn’t let her business infringe on family time. Right now, she’s not focused on business growth. Instead, she’s focused on studying new modalities and not overloading her schedule.

“My business model really works for moms.”

With no commute and total control over her workday, Juliana can be there for her kids any time she needs or wants to. While she’s fully invested in helping other people and expanding her skills in the healing arts, family comes first. The business she’s built supports her lifestyle and her values. Her clients love it too.

Julianna's Sauna Spa

The Software That Helps Make It Professional

ClinicSense is like Juliana’s personal secretary. The software is essential to her business. It keeps her one-woman show running smoothly, without much time or effort on her part.

“It’s just me, myself, and ClinicSense.”

With ClinicSense, clients can book online, receive confirmations, and appointment reminders. All the things people expect from a serious business - and Juliana takes her business very seriously. Being professional and conveying that professionalism throughout the entire client experience is the standard. ClinicSense helps her exceed that standard.

Juliana has a degree in business administration. She knew finding the right software to handle admin was vital to her success. That’s why Juliana started using ClinicSense on day one.

It’s everything she needs. Her client files stay organized, scheduling is automated, and charting is simple. If she needs to send documents to a lawyer or insurance company, she can turn her notes into a PDF and send them with just a few clicks. ClinicSense does all the paperwork, while Juliana spends her time doing what she loves, with the people she loves.

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