Making It: Kala’s Determination To Forge Her Own Path

Kala Carby

Kala found her calling at a young age

She Started a Business Before Her Classmates Finished College

Kala has a natural talent for massage. In the 5th grade, a friend came to her with a crick in her neck, and she worked it out like she knew what she was doing. After that, Kala developed a reputation for her magic hands. She dolled out massages to her classmates on a regular basis.

In her junior year of high school, a teacher introduced a technical college to her and her classmates. The school offered a 9-month massage therapy program. Her mom wasn’t going to like it, but Kala knew this was the right path for her. The idea of starting her career in just a year, instead of going to a 4-year college, sounded perfect.

It was. Kala had a license to practice massage therapy before she was 19 years old. She quickly got a job working as a massage therapist, but then eventually branched out on her own.

She Knew She Had to Do Her Own Thing

Being employed as a massage therapist allowed Kala to further develop her skills. It also taught her everything she didn’t want in a massage practice.

At first, starting her own business wasn’t her intention. However, as Kala began developing her own ideas and opinions, it became clear self-employment was the only way forward.

Starting a business is hard. The path is never straight, but Kala was determined to succeed. She found the unexpected twist and turns of running a startup fun. She opened herself up to learn from the people around her. Over time, her business success wasn’t just palpable, it was visible.

It took a few years for Kala to build a solid foundation for her business. It tested her patience, but it was worth it. Her business has been open for nearly 11 years now.

Kala has 2 massage therapists and 1 front desk person working with her. She’s expanded her practice and offerings a couple of times through the years. That's proven a worthwhile investment.

Kala expects the next 5 years to be relatively low-stress because she’s already put in the work. She looks forward to continuing to build her practice and plans to enjoy doing it.

Kala's Treatment Room

Affordable Software is Essential to Running Her Business

When Kala started her business in 2012, she used pen and paper to document everything. Since she’s a millennial, that didn’t last long. By 2014, Kala was using software for online scheduling.

After some experimenting, Kala settled on a scheduling system she liked. She stuck with that software for nearly 8 years. Then, the software company got bought out by MindBody, and the cost skyrocketed. The price of the software she’d been using for years was now way out of budget.

She was nervous about switching software because she’d lose years of data, but she simply couldn’t afford the new cost of the old software. Then, she found ClinicSense. It had everything she needed and more, all at a budget-friendly price.

The SOAP Notes on ClinicSense changed her practice. The old software didn’t have the type of charting features she needed to document SOAP notes appropriately. ClinicSense makes SOAP notes easy, professional, and customizable.

“With ClinicSense, I gained the ability to do SOAP notes correctly. The SOAP notes aspect was really really beneficial.”

All the massage therapists in her practice can see and add to the client's SOAP notes. That’s a big deal because some clients rotate massage therapists. Now, their treatment and experience are more fluid and comprehensive. Instead of multiple therapists treating a client individually, it’s more collaborative. It makes for great client care.

SOAP notes are just one of many ClinicSense features Kala uses every day. Having clients secure appointments with a credit card favourite feature of hers. And the days of mailing people gift certificates are over because now clients can buy online. She’s collecting rave reviews on Google, thanks to the new review booster feature. All these features help Kala continue to grow her business.

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