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Megan Burns

Lavish Beauty & Skin Bar uses ClinicSense + Square to reduce their workload

Lavish Beauty & Skin Bar is a Med Spa

After working in healthcare for 25 years, Megan Burns struggled with burnout and needed a change. So she went back to school and got her cosmetology license. After graduation, she couldn’t find a job, so she created one for herself. She opened Lavish Beauty & Skin Bar in 2017. The med spa now employs 5 people and is home to 2 independent massage therapists.

They create the ultimate spa experience for their clients, stimulating all 5 senses. Everything has a special touch, and the med spa is known for its exceptional service. Lavish Beauty & Skin Bar is a small-town success where clients feel like family.

They use ClinicSense to manage all their client records

Making clients feel well cared for requires taking a lot of notes. ClinicSense is a software company that helps its customers create, store, and share client records. Staff members can easily access those records in reception and in treatment rooms with just a click of a button.

ClinicSense helps create the ultimate customer experience by:

  • Allowing service providers to take notes quickly and in the moment, so no detail is forgotten – And there’s no paperwork at the end of the day.
  • Receptionists can see which samples were given to clients on their last visit. So guiding them to the right products in the store is simple and personalized.
  • Service providers can see client notes from other providers. That enhances the care of the client, no matter which aesthetician they see.

“We can all communicate within the client record without that person having to be there.”

Square’s integration with ClinicSense reduces their workload and makes life easier

The integration of Square with ClinicSense eliminates the need to do duplicate tasks. Before the integration, Megan found herself doing the same tasks in both systems: running reports, tracking sales and checking out customers. Now, it all happens in one place, with just a couple of clicks. That leaves significantly less room for error, and it saves time.

Square does great things on its own. ClinicSense does great things on its own. Together, they do amazing things with a lot less effort.

Square can track sales and payments.
ClinicSense can track clients and appointments.
Square + ClinicSense tracks all those details in one place.

Square can create and sell online gift certificates.
ClinicSense can create gift certificates that are easy to look up by client name.
Square + ClinicSense allows you to sell gift certificates online and look them up if the client forgets to bring it with them.

Square can store credit card information.
ClinicSense can allow clients to book online.
Square + ClinicSense created No-Show Guard, an online system for enforcing the spa’s cancellation policy. If a client doesn’t show up, the spa has their card on file and a signed cancellation policy consent form.

“It helps me keep better track of business, to have reports that match. Before, I would run reports in Clinicsense and in Square. Now, I run just one report.”

Square brings in the money and tracks where it comes from

When COVID hit, Lavish Beauty & Skin Bar was forced to close for 6 weeks. Megan used that time to update her systems and streamline her processes. She also started thinking about ways to make money online.

That’s when the spa started offering virtual consultations and began dabbling in e-commerce. Square makes generating online revenue possible.

At the end of the month, Megan looks closely at the top-selling services and what’s not selling. This information drives her decisions about which services to promote and which ones to get rid of. That insight is priceless.

“It helps me, as a business owner, streamline my business.”

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Business With The ClinicSense X Square Integration?

ClinicSense is proud to partner with Square; and currently, if you sign up for Square using ClinicSense, you will receive free processing on a select amount. Check out the Square Terminal integration page here!

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