Building A Group Practice Based On Experience: Pam's Story

Pamela Caskanette

After 15 years of employment, Pamela opened her own practice

Building A Foundation Based On Experience

Pam went into massage therapy straight out of high school. She had a type of clarity that few teenagers possess. There was never any question about what she wanted to do when she grew up. Her interest in human anatomy and biology led her directly to manual therapy.

Her career path was pretty straightforward: become an RMT and get a good job. Simple. She didn’t have anything planned beyond that.

This plan led to Pam working in a variety of settings, honing her skills, making connections, and gaining real experience she could build on. After many years working as a massage therapist, Pam reached the ceiling of what was possible for her working for someone else.

Starting her own business wasn’t a long-held aspiration. In fact, she was quite content working as an employee - BUT she had outgrown that role. The best way for her to continue growing as a therapist and to grow her income was to start her own clinic.

Taking The Risks Required To Grow

15 years of working in the industry provided Pam with the skills she needed to succeed in business. You see, she learned more than just how to treat patients. Pam knew how different practices operated behind the scenes. She knew what it took to actually run a practice.

She also knew she didn’t want to do it alone. This wasn’t a solo mission or a solo practice. Pam wanted to surround herself with other practitioners and build a group practice. She knew she could help more people and that her business would be more profitable that way.

Despite all her knowledge and experience, Pam was scared. Leaving the security of employment was a big risk. She would have to live outside of her comfort zone until she established her new practice. That meant marketing herself, networking, and recruiting therapists. Even after the business was up and running, she’d have to keep pushing her limits to succeed.

And she did. In just 2 years, Pam built a successful massage therapy clinic. Today, her massage clinic has 3 RMTs and a part-time physiotherapist. It’s all coming together. Over the next few years, Pam plans to keep growing and hopefully have 5 RMTs by the 5-year mark.

Pam's Lobby Area

The Marketing Tools That Help Her Succeed

When Pam first entered the field of massage therapy, there was no such thing as clinic management software. It was all paper files back then. Heaps of paper organized into big heavy filing cabinets. That’s like a distant memory now.

When Pam started her massage clinic, she knew she needed software to manage administration for her. Thanks to her years in the industry, Pam was familiar with a few software options available to her. She did her research and landed on ClinicSense because it had some extra features she really liked.

“ClinicSense has really great marketing tools that you don’t even have to think of, it’s just automatic.”

All the automation ClinicSense offers means Pam doesn’t have much work to do outside of treating patients. Clients book online, reminders are sent, and email marketing campaigns go out like clockwork, all without Pam lifting a finger.

“The availability emails that go out on Sundays have been excellent for our business, and clients really, really love it.”

ClinicSense was designed specifically for massage therapists, and that’s evident to its users. However, Pam says it’s a great software for any manual therapist - just ask the physiotherapist in her clinic.

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