How ClinicSense Can Help Your Practice Thrive

Rebecca Ramirez de Arellano

Enci Wellness LLC

Rebecca’s Problem of Growing a Massage Therapy Practice

When Rebecca Ramirez de Arellano, an integrative massage therapist practicing in Lancaster, PA, first started her business in 2018, she was a relative newcomer to the area: “I grew up in Asia and was traveling in India,” she said. When my brother - who was in Australia - met a girl from Pennsylvania, I came for the wedding, stayed for a year and met my now-husband.”

"With ClinicSense I can sleep at night!"

Putting down roots while building a business takes a lot of time and effort. While waiting for her licence, Ramirez de Arellano searched for an online scheduling system that could handle a variety of tasks, because she knew how valuable saving time would be to a fledgling business owner - and her clients. “I knew I wanted something that was paperless - an online system that included not just scheduling but notes and intake forms.” Without these tools, “I would have had a lot of time wasted, with clients coming in, having to sit down and fill out everything on paper; then my having to look at it.”

How Rebecca Found Her Tools for Success

ClinicSense works to significantly reduce the time therapists spend on administrative duties like scheduling, intake forms, invoicing, filing, marketing and sales. Ramirez de Arellano, who thoroughly researched all the paperless scheduling systems available, chose ClinicSense because “it has everything that you want as a massage therapist in one place. It was really easy for me to understand how to set it up,” said Ramirez de Arellano. “I use it on my laptop and then also use the app on my iPhone.”

"It saves me so much time. I don’t have to worry about sending reminders to clients. It gives clients the option of having an email or a text reminder. In a year and a half of being in business, I’ve only had one or two no-shows!"

Rebecca Treatment Room

ClinicSense Lets Therapists Concentrate on Healing

"I have a varied clientele, but I specialize in pre-natal and infant massage. A lot of which is teaching parents how to massage their own infants. If you’re working with prenatal clients, it works well to see them afterwards and teach them how to massage their babies."

Having clients fill out forms ahead of time makes all the difference for client retention, noted Ramirez de Arellano. “They fill out their information online when they book the appointment. Whenever I need to, I just go online and see what their goals are for that session. I go right in, knowing exactly what they need, what their medical history is. And as soon as they come in, we can get started.”

Being able to personalize the client’s experience is another valuable feature of ClinicSense. “It provides promo codes, like an automatic birthday notice that goes out to each client. It gives them a code that they can use as a discount in their birthday month. It’s been super-nice - those little things that you really want to have.”

Scheduling, reminders, notes and promotions - these are the tools that keep a business run smoothly and effectively. And since Ramirez de Arellano upgraded to the “Grow” Program that also keeps track of Gift Certificates, “it makes my life and my ability to manage my business much easier,” she said. “I can sleep at night! It’s definitely more than a scheduling platform.”

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