How Seraphic Massage Keeps Their Client Files Secure

Sophie Roques

Sophie Roques

The Challenge

Running out of space to store files and handling administrative tasks using a system involving multiple programs.

The Solution

Find a program that offers everything to run the clinic in one place, including a secure place to store all their files digitally.

Sofie knew she wanted to be a massage therapist since she was just a kid giving free neck massages at recess. She went to school for massage therapy right away and graduated with a plan for success.

Her plan was to spend the first 5 years of her massage career working for a variety of businesses. This allowed her to gain experience and see what type of environment she enjoyed working in, before building a business of her own.

It turned out there wasn’t a perfect place to work. The spas were too spoofy and the clinics too clinical. Also, working for someone else often made her feel taken advantage of or unappreciated. When it came time for her to open her own place, she created a space that was both homey and professional. It’s a place where her clients feel relaxed, but also a place where she can point out trigger points on the wall. It’s the best of both worlds.

Having her own business gives Sofie a lot of freedom. She makes the most of her time now that she has control over her schedule. If she wants to take time off to travel, she can. She doesn’t have to feel guilty about it. She works a little extra before and after to make up for the lost income, no big deal.

What’s even better is that Sofie’s earning potential is so much greater now that she has a team of massage therapists working for her. Once she started using social media, her business skyrocketed! It wasn’t even that hard or time consuming. That’s a huge deal now that she’s a single mom. Her business is on track to free her from financial worry.

Sophie Treatment Room

The Challenge

Now that she has a busy massage practice, Sofie has new problems. She’s required to keep client files for 10 years, and she’s running out of space.

"It’s crazy. We can’t keep doing this. There’s nowhere else to put filing cabinets"

When she had this revelation, Sofie started the arduous task of creating her own system of storing files digitally. This involved word documents, pdfs and scanning paper files. It was complicated and time consuming, but it kept her head above water for a little while.

Another problem was not being able to accommodate her clientele in the ways that she would like to. She has receptionists who answer the phone during business hours, but that doesn’t help the client who tweaks their back at night and needs to get in first thing in the morning. Sofie didn’t want these clients to have to leave a voicemail and hope for the best.

The Solution

Sofie needed a better system. She wanted her clients to be able to schedule online and not have to make a phone call. While she was at it, she may as well find an easier way to stay in touch with her clients via email. So, in addition to looking for online scheduling, she started trying out email marketing services too.

Even though her way of storing files digitally was working, there had to be an easier way. Sofie knew of a lot of software available to massage therapists. She started looking for a program that would make her SOAP notes easier and make her filing cabinets disappear.

The Result

Trying different programs out allowed her to compare and contrast services. The first program she used made SOAP notes easy, but their encryption was weak and didn’t hold up to Ontario’s standards.

Then she switched to ClinicSense. That made her files secure. Her intake forms and SOAP notes are now streamlined. That means no more scanning files! If she needs to send forms to physicians, she can do that easily.

Plus she canceled her subscription to the email marketing service she was using, because ClinicSense does that too, saving her thousands of dollars over time.

There’s no longer a need to use multiple systems, because now she can do everything in one place.

Most importantly, Sofie can be there for the clients who need her when they need her, thanks to online scheduling. Now all she needs is more massage therapists!

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