Beyond Massage: Tancy's Journey into Holistic Healing Arts

Tancy Linn

Tancy is building a fully holistic practice.

First, She Got Clear on What She Wanted

When Tancy decided to leave the Coast Guard, she had a clear goal in mind. She wanted to take control of how she spent her time and energy in the future. Having suffered from chronic pain and the stress of 8 years of active duty, Tancy realized that she needed a lifestyle change.

When Tancy transitioned out of the Coast Guard, she told her husband, “I never want to work for someone else again.”

Massage therapy changed her life. First, in relieving her pain, and then as a career path. Tancy went to the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach. There, she studied not only massage and the muscular system, but a holistic approach to treating the entire body.

When she moved to the UP a few years later, Tancy’s education set her apart from other massage therapists in the area. She opened her own practice, and her clients were impressed by her approach to wellness. There was no “fluff and buff” here. Tancy’s treatment focused on overall well-being and was designed to create results.

It took a little time to build up her clientele because a business is something that you grow. It’s never instantaneous, but word of her expertise got around town through word-of-mouth and her networking efforts. Before long, she had a steady stream of clients.

Then, She Learned What Her Clients Needed

Tancy doesn’t just ask her clients about muscle aches and pains. She’s interested in everything from their digestion to their stress levels. There are so many factors that influence the way we feel day to day. Tancy wants the whole picture before creating a treatment plan.

Of course, many of the ailments that come up in these conversations are outside the scope of massage therapy. Always wanting to do more to help others, Tancy started learning new ways to facilitate wellness. She’s a life-long learner, who makes the most of continuing education. She’s certified in specialized modalities like myofascial release and manual lymph drainage - but sometimes clients need more than a massage.

The desire to do more led to Tancy enrolling in a degree program for Ayurvedic Wellness. Practicing holistic medicine and treating more than just soft tissue will enrich her practice and enhance her client’s care.

Once she finishes her degree, Tancy’s goal is to create a practice that’s wholly holistic in health and healing. She’s not far away from reaching that milestone.

Tancy's Treatment Room

Technology Isn’t Her Thing, but ClinicSense Is Easy

When she first started her practice, Tancy recorded everything on paper. She recognized the need for software to manage her admin and client communication, but she was nervous about making the switch. She doesn’t consider herself tech-savvy, and she wasn’t looking forward to learning a new system.

Turns out, she had nothing to worry about. Her clients were so patient with her while she learned the ropes. If it took her a few minutes to figure out how to schedule an appointment or email a gift certificate, they understood.

Once she learned how to use ClinicSense, everything was so much faster - and it really wasn’t that hard to learn. Even when ClinicSense revamped its whole system for better functionality and improved features, the change didn’t throw her. If anything, it’s made her life easier.

“I really love the SOAP Notes. It’s nice to be paperless, and I like that some of it is auto-generated”

ClinicSense makes scheduling, charting, and staying in touch with clients simple. Tancy can easily export SOAP Notes to share with other healthcare providers. Plus, when she bumps into someone on the street, and they say, “I keep meaning to make an appointment with you,” Tancy can pull out her phone and schedule it for them on the spot. How’s that for customer service?

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