Exceeding Client Expectations: Tylor's Key to Success

Tylor Prather

Tylor strives to make every minute count

Creating a Meaningful Life Through a Prosperous Practice

When Tylor married his wife, Michelle, and moved to her hometown, he found himself on a new path. Michelle was a massage therapist with a busy clinic of her own. Tylor took over the admin side of the business, so Michelle could focus on taking care of clients.

Before meeting Michelle, Tylor had never even had a massage. But, now that he was part of this massage business, he was learning things he had never imagined. He marveled at the fact that someone could live all their days in pain, come in for an hour session, and leave feeling good. He wanted to be a part of that transformation.

The understanding of the profound effect human touch, coupled with medical knowledge, can have on someone became ingrained in him. This moved Tylor to become a massage therapist himself.

Tylor’s primary goal is to create prosperity in his life and his business. For him, prosperity isn’t just about money. It's about living a purposeful life. Running a successful massage business provides fulfilment in helping others. It also provides the resources he needs to enjoy other aspects of his life and the freedom to do so.

The passion Tylor has for massage therapy fuels his practice. Having a wife and partner who’s also a massage therapist makes it easy and fun. He enjoys deep diving into massage research and continuing education. Of course, his clients reap the rewards.

Overcoming Client Expectations With Client Education

There’s often a variance between what society thinks massage therapists do and what they actually do. Tylor recognized this immediately and remedied that with client education. In addition, his background in community outreach made education a natural part of his treatment strategy with every client.

Being a new, male, massage therapist has its challenges. It requires building trust with professionalism and fantastic treatment.

Fortunately for Tylor, he’d already been a part of the massage clinic for 4 years when he first started. He was not a stranger, so trust was more easily gained. However, he didn’t want to be just any massage therapist. He wanted to be known for his ability to help people and the type of care he provided.

Tylor set high standards for his interactions with clients. He’s not concerned with treating as many clients as possible. Instead, he focuses on creating a quality experience. That starts with scheduling enough time to sit down and talk to people before and after their treatment. Every minute a client is with him is part of the experience he provides, not just the time on the table.

The time Tylor spends on client education generates a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. And in a city like his, that’s the best kind of advertising. His clients genuinely understand what he is doing for them. So, it’s only natural that his name comes up in conversations with their friends and family.

Tylor's Treatment Room

Growing the Business With Affordable Software

When Tylor first joined Michelle’s massage clinic as an administrator, the plan was to grow the business. This involved hiring more practitioners and bringing in more clients. They needed a system to support that growth.

They began looking at clinic management software. They needed something that would streamline administrative tasks, make charting easy, and scheduling simple.

They weren’t running a spa. Their massage clinic is a medical practice. So, they focused on software designed for that type of business. The problem was, most clinic management software was expensive and included a lot of features they’d never use. They were designed for use in doctors' offices and hospitals, and it was priced accordingly.

Then they found ClinicSense. The price point was a small fraction of the cost of the other software they’d consider. It costs less than the price of a single massage, instead of $400+ a month. It had everything they needed and nothing that they didn’t. Plus, it was easy to use, which is important for massage therapists who despise technology.

"ClinicSense has really given us a great way to look at how our business grows and changes over time. It’s part of the reason why, when I started, we were able to grow the business the way we did."

ClinicSense is now an integral part of their practice. It allows admin staff to do tasks quickly and easily and allows the massage therapists to focus solely on treatment. All this combined helps create the experience their clients have grown to love and expect.

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