Sharing your appointment availability

We've noticed a common strategy used by massage therapists to help fill their calendar for the week. They send out an email at the beginning of the week to let their clients know what time slots are available for the week ahead. What they have found is that simply by sending out an email with availability they are seeing an increase in the number of appointments booked. We love any idea that leads to more appointments, but it's in our nature to figure out how to spend less time doing things manually...

share your practitioners availability

Adding automation with ClinicSense

We've created a new type of email campaign that we're calling the "availability campaign". Within ClinicSense you choose how often you'd like the email to be sent - every week or every second week - and then we automatically scan your calendar for availability and email it to your clients. Clients can then click through to book online and start filling your calendar. This strategy works simply because getting a massage isn't always top-of-mind for people; by sending an email, you make yourself top-of-mind.

availability email campaigns