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Email and SMS Appointment Reminders for Clients

Keep your clients on track with timely reminders. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you'll get to automate follow up's and prevent no-shows!
Sometimes, people are just going to forget that they have an appointment booked. And if they miss that appointment, it’s not only a wasted hour of your time, it means $50 to $150 in lost revenue.

ClinicSense appointment reminders are a simple strategy to make sure that clients don’t forget about their upcoming appointment. And if you’re already calling or texting clients to remind them of their appointments, this is your chance to automate that process so you can go home earlier, put work aside, and focus on you and your friends and family.

How our appointment reminders work…

You decide when you want your reminders to go out. For most of our customer that’s 1 week before the appointment and again 1 day before the appointment
Sending a reminder a week before gives you an opportunity to fill that time slot in case the client says that something came up and they have to reschedule.
Sending a reminder the day before helps prevent no-shows.
Each client can choose if they prefer an email or a text message reminder.
You can ask clients to verify their attendance by clicking a button in the email (or a link in the text message).

How our SMS appointment reminders are different…

Mobile carriers are constantly working on filtering out spam messages (especially those that are sent by software). To combat this, ClinicSense has gone through the process of being white-listed by all major mobile carriers in the United States and Canada.
This is an extra investment we’ve made into ClinicSense, but it’s a very important one, because it means that our deliverability rates are near 100%, while those that have not been white-listed get a delivery rate around 50% and risk being totally cut off from sending.
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Tired Of Client No-Shows?