Invoicing Is Secretly Taking Up A Lot Of Your Time

Invoicing is one of those daily administrative things you have to do, but very sneakily, it takes up a lot of your time. Massage therapists not using software to generate their invoices spend 25 minutes per day writing invoices on average. It doesn’t seem like much initially, but this adds up to over 2 hours per week! And your time is definitely better spent elsewhere - like earning more money by taking on an additional appointment or two, or taking some time each week to treat yourself.

And from your clients’ perspective, they don’t want to have to keep a paper copy of your invoice/receipt. They want to go digital!

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ClinicSense Writes Your Invoices For You

ClinicSense takes the information from your calendar (like the client name, date, and treatment) to automatically create an invoice for you. All you have to do is mark in how the client has paid. You can even use our integrated payment processing to charge a credit card using ClinicSense.

Finally, email the receipt to the customer at the click of a button (or print for those few who need a hard copy).

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