Gift Certificates For Massage Therapists

Reach your full earning potential by selling gift certificates through your website.

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Tracking gift certificate balances through an Excel spreadsheet or through a software program that’s not connected to your client files inevitably becomes a headache to manage. Plus, it’s a challenge to schedule a time with a client who only wants to come in to buy a gift certificate.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, or if you’re not selling gift certificates at all, let’s take a look at how ClinicSense gift certificates can make your life easier.

How gift certificates work…

When clients buy online through your website (or ClinicSense profile page) they are instantly emailed their gift certificate.

When clients buy in-office, you can email the gift certificate or your can print it out for them.

Clients can buy gift certificates for specific services or for dollar values.

You can create gift certificate promotions (like save $10 when you buy a gift certificate valued at $100 or more) to help boost your sales.

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Join our gift certificate challenge…

ClinicSense customers get to join our gift certificate challenge for FREE every year.

On specific days throughout the challenge we will send you the mission for that day.

We give you everything you need, like email copy, images, and social media posts to promote your gift certificate sales.

The top performer of our Christmas gift certificate challenge earned $2,360 in under 30 days.

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