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Put an end to missed phone calls and telephone tag, all while giving your massage therapy clients the convenience they want with online booking.

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A common fear when it comes to online scheduling is that you’re giving up control of your schedule to your clients. To address this concern, ClinicSense gives you several settings so that you maintain control. But first, let’s talk about why online scheduling is important:

But first, let’s talk about why online scheduling is important:

Online scheduling is something that you do for your clients. It gives them the convenience to book without having to make a phone call, which is a service they appreciate and even come to expect from service businesses.

But it’s also something you do for yourself. When you’re in a treatment, you can’t answer the phone, which either starts a game of telephone tag (something your clients hate too) or even worse, the client doesn’t leave a voicemail, doesn’t call back, and maybe even books elsewhere.

Plus, it’s the little tasks like calling back clients that rob you of the time that’s supposed to be for you to rest your hands and your mind. This is how burnout creeps up massage therapists.

And for clients that are texting you to make appointments, you can simply reply with a booking link and let them know that they can see your availability and book whenever is convenient for them. There’s no more back and forth, and next time, they’ll remember to go straight to your online booking instead of texting you.

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Now let’s get back to how ClinicSense helps you maintain control…

First, online scheduling is optional. If you don’t want to offer it you can turn it off.

You’ll indicate the days and times that clients can book with you.

You can choose if you’d like extra time automatically added to the end of each appointment (so you have time to turn the room over).

You can schedule breaks and days off which will prevent clients from booking during those times.

You can indicate if you are accepting new clients or not.

When a client books online, you can choose if you’d like it to be automatically added to your calendar or if you’d to first screen the request (and you can choose if you’d like to only screen new clients).

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Additional features…

You can set up a “booking notice”. This is a message that clients are required to read before they proceed with online booking.

If you work with other practitioners, you can choose what level of access you will give them. For example, some of our customers give their coworkers plenty of access by allowing them to book appointments for them, while other customers will restrict coworkers from even seeing their schedule

Finally, when a client books online, they only see what times are available, they do not see what you have scheduled.

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