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Connect your ClinicSense account to Square Terminal for seamless payments (and no awkward tipping requests).

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ClinicSense is an official partner of Square for both online and in-person payments.. When you connect your Square account to ClinicSense you can…

Take payments any way you want

Whether you’re selling in person or online, take all kinds of payments quickly and securely with a variety of hardware and software, including contactless options and developer tools to build custom solutions.

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Collect in-person payments with Square Terminal

Enter the payment amount in ClinicSense and send it to Square Terminal.

Select if you’d like to prompt the client for a tip.

The client completes the payment and their invoice in ClinicSense is automatically updated.

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Enable No-Show Guard™

With our No-Show Guard™ you can ask clients to enter a credit card number when booking online.

With a card saved to file, you will be able to charge your no-show fee in the event the client misses their appointment.

You can even ask clients to pre-pay for their appointment.

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Sell gift certificates through your website

You can add the ClinicSense “Buy Gift Certificate” button to your website.

Clients can buy gift certificates for themselves or their friends.

Square will process the payment and ClinicSense will email the gift certificate and log the sale in your ClinicSense dashboard.

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