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Ready to increase your revenue by selling massage gift certificates?

First, you need an attractive template.

When a customer buys a gift certificate, it needs to look nice. Why? Because it’s a gift. No one wants to give someone a questionable looking gift certificate. Make sure yours looks professional and worth surprising someone with.

The gift of massage is a special treat. Use a template to create gift certificates for special occasions and everyday indulgences. The template you choose should reflect your brand.

Many gift certificates go unused. Using a well crafted template can entice a new client to schedule an appointment (if the fact that it’s already paid for doesn’t.) The idea of an unused gift certificate might sound appealing, but each gift certificate given to a new client is your chance to turn that person into a regular client… and regular clients can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of your business’ lifetime.

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Create professional gift certificates with ClinicSense AND sell them online instantly!

When you use ClinicSense to sell gift certificates you have beautiful gift certificates at your disposal. They can be either printed or emailed… and your clients can buy gift certificates through your website (so there’s no need for them to drive to your office when they are looking for a gift.)

When you subscribe to ClinicSense you can:

  • Choose from different gift certificate templates
  • Sell gift certificates online and email them to the buyer or recipient
  • Sell gift certificates in person
  • Automatically track the balance of each gift certificate.

Plus ClinicSense makes tracking gift certificate balances easy! No need to keep track in an Excel spreadsheet anymore!

Include these things on your gift certificate template

Images make your gift certificate visually appealing, and words explain what the gift is. Choose an image that reflects the occasion or the treat. Another option is to use your massage logo and color scheme.

Once you have a template, you just need a system for selling and tracking your gift certificates.

Include the following information on your gift certificate template:

  • Company name
  • Company contact information
  • Recipient's name
  • Gift amount or service
  • Date of purchase
  • Tracking number
  • Fine print (if you need it)

Not ready for online gift certificates?

Download our package of 5 FREE Massage Gift Certificate Templates

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Not sure you want to use software to automate gift certificate sales? You can use these free templates instead. Just print them off and sell them in person. Fill them out at the time of sale. Then, create a logbook or spreadsheet to track all your sales and balances.

Keep in mind, you're missing out on a lot by not using online gift certificates.

  • You have to create your own system of tracking balances and keep it up to date.
  • You have to be physically present to sell a gift certificate.
  • You have to buy ink and high quality cardstock to print your gift certificates, OR pay to have them printed.
  • Clients can only buy on your schedule.